Parterre lawn - composition and device

The device of the ground lawn

This lawn is a kind of decorative spot in the garden area, because it can not be walked, played and sit on it. It performs exclusively aesthetic functions and is considered the most elite. It looks like a lawn as an alpine grass and requires constant care. It should be taken care of all the time: water, remove weeds, feed the soil, do a haircut.

At the device of partners it is necessary to plan the territory carefully. It is important to outline the area in advance and determine - where exactly will the lawn be? How will it be combined with other plants? Then the land is leveled, the weeds are removed. When designing it is necessary to adhere to the main rule - the main area of ​​the stalls should prevail over the area of ​​other design elements( for example, flower beds).Otherwise, the integrity of perception will be lost and a feeling of "diversity" will arise.

Parterre lawn:

Composition of a mixture of such lawns most often include stunted gr

ass with soft and thin leaves and shoots. They are able to form a uniformly closed, dense grassy layer from the beginning of spring and the end of autumn. Usually the structure of the partners includes the following types of grasses: red fescue, fescue meadow, meadow meadow, white pancake, fescue oatmeal. Sometimes only one herb is used( not in the composition of the mixture).

  • Fescue red - has a rich color and a thin sheet. It is distinguished by its resilience to weather phenomena( it is not afraid of spring frosts and sunny places), it suffers trampling.
  • Fescue Fescue - grows in the form of separate bushes and does not form a continuous coating. Well suited not only for partners, but for ordinary lawns. Most often it is used on loamy soils with moderate moisture.
  • Pendulum meadow( or blue Kentuckian grass) is the main component for such lawns. It has the appearance of a loose bush with a thin rhizome.
  • White seedling - grows in bundles and is a valuable grass. Often it is used together with the shooters of the shoot-forming and fine. Very whimsical to weather conditions, and also needs constant fertilizing with fertilizers.
  • Sheep Fescue - has bristly thin leaves with a greenish-blue tinge. Creates a rigid herbal layer, which practically does not require care and does not need to be mowed. Resistant to drought and frost. It grows well on acidic and dry soils of different composition and fertility level.

Sowing technology

Ground flooring is not a lawn roll, which can be bought already ready. Parterre requires patience, as the grass grows slowly and it is important to take good care of it all the time. Plus, everything must be prepared beforehand, and the turf must be laid in order not to see bumps and pits.

After laying turf seed or mixture is selected. Very popular are the following mixtures - "Royal carpet"( for lovers of lawns), "Old Park"( for shaded areas). It is better, if the composition is dominated by narrow-leaved stunted plants. It is not recommended to use ryegrass pasture and lawn broad-leaved grasses.

After the grass has grown, it is necessary to regularly cut the hair( at least once in 2-3 weeks).Thanks to this, good conditions are created for narrow-leaved grasses.

You can also beautifully add any lawn with a hedge. Most of this is enough( and do not need lawns with flowers).Parterre lawn and hedgerow, pictures with which are presented on our site, well show the sophistication and overall style of the whole territory or garden plot.