What kinds of playgrounds for children can take?

Playgrounds for children according to their interests

Please note that as dozens of years ago, so today kids love not only cartoons, but also games that are quite familiar to us, adults, such as mother's daughters or Cossack robbers. Maybe they are called today and in another way, but the essence of them is the same - boys and girls choose certain roles for themselves and enjoy them with pleasure. Both the garden and indoor play areas for children can be made taking into account such hobbies.

Children like to imitate the most common adult life. Whether they are motivated by this desire to grow up, or just want to feel their importance in this world. But the reason is not important, the main thing is that this hobby can be used while developing the project of a children's playground. Put on the lawn a few small children's houses, with the most real doors and windows, porches and even with mailboxes. Above one of them hang a sign "Shop", on the other track numbers, and you will see that the g

ame of the daughter-mother will move to a more global level.

Children's playground with their own hands - build the city

Yes, you can not believe your eyes, but in fact the best gift for the guys will be their own city, and preferably two, set nearby. Do you think you do not have a place on the site? A children's playground with their own hands can be built compactly. For a basis we take a usual platform on poles on which we establish a two-pitch canopy. This design already resembles a tree house, and this is the dream of any child. Now, on the one hand, we build a gently sloping gangway, on which small blocks are staggered in staggered order with an interval of one child's step. A rope of the appropriate length, stretched over the ladder, will help to climb the platform.

For high-speed descent, install the plastic chute of the roller coaster( or the hump-pipe).Between the supports you can make a cozy house by installing walls from large board boards with pre-designed openings for windows and doors. The same shields can also limit the platform at the top. The construction of children's playgrounds of sawnwood is a kind of designer for adults, you just need to think carefully about installing each part. So, for example, to the above described complex it is possible to attach a cross beam with swings, and also to stretch a grid-web, on which it is possible to climb upward. Two such towns allow children to either visit each other or play battles.

Wooden children's playgrounds for the smallest

All the complexes listed above are yard children's playgrounds made of wood, designed for the fascinating pastime of quite large children. And what about the kids? Nothing complicated. Since the age of three touching crumbs begin to repeat for adults some or other actions in their simple games. So, for example, they arrange a tea party with toys or cook a doll with lunch. To arrange a suitable place for such fun, it is enough to put together a table from the boards and a bar, surrounding it with benches, to make a semblance of a cupboard, to get "water" to build a well with a real collar and a chain to which to hang a plastic bucket.

Making wood from the furniture of the game complex, be sure to carefully work on the surfaces of the lumber and try to ensure that the nails and screws are well recessed.

However, children's street playgrounds for kids can be supplied with the above-described houses, in which to arrange the same tea party on the real, only small furniture is much more interesting. To make it even more exciting, break up with your children near this house a real garden, and this will become another game. Kids will certainly take care of their own beds, then to get a salad or spinach from them. And do not be surprised if you find that the harvested crop was neatly crumbled into toy pots. Wooden children's playgrounds - this is a very interesting test for your imagination and design notes.