We make pergola with our own hands. Simple scheme and instructions

Device of pergolas - what is this structure?

The word pergola( pergola) in Italian means "canopy".This structure is a series of light arch structures connected together by means of transverse fasteners. It is used to create a smooth shaded transition from an apartment building to a gazebo, and in some cases as a separate structure.

Often pergolas are used to hide some farm buildings, garden beds or a barn, which clearly do not fit into the landscape of the site. You can create such an architectural element for yourself by reading the materials on the topic, how the pergola is built with your own hands, the video is posted on the site and visually demonstrates the entire process from start to finish.

Pergola is an arched product of a flat or rounded shape, which is simple in design and light in weight. In addition, it is quite strong and reliable construction. It's time to consider what you can build such an object from.

Construction of pergolas - material variants

Wood .In order to understand how to make a pergola, first we will dwell in more detail on the materials from which it is built. These include sawn timber from oak, pine or spruce, which must be carefully dried before use.

Metal .A great popularity for the creation of arches use metal structures, installed by a certain technology. You, of course, will have a question about how to build a pergola with your own hands made of metal. Everything is simple enough. Arches are assembled from steel rods, which are driven into the ground.

Then, using the cross bars, they are connected in a common construction. To protect the structure from rust, it is covered with several layers of anti-corrosion paint.

Plastic .Dacha construction of pergolas from plastic parts is carried out quickly enough, as all elements of arches are well adjusted and easily mounted. This also removes all the questions about the dismantling of the construction at the end of the summer season.

Now in the country you can often find arched constructions made of forged parts or metal rods. We will consider how to build pergola from the most popular and affordable material - wood.

Pergola with your own hands - we proceed to construction

List of necessary tools:

  1. household woodworking machine;
  2. electric fret saw;
  3. building level;
  4. plumb line;
  5. a pair of universal clamps;
  6. hammer;
  7. screwdriver;
  8. hand drill.


  1. wooden beam, section 120x120 mm;
  2. beams 50x150 mm;
  3. slats;
  4. screws.

As usual, construction begins with the creation of sketches and layout of the site( by the way, pergola, the drawing of which is placed on the page of the site, is built on the same principle).In the places of installation of supporting risers, holes are pierced, with a depth of up to 600 mm. Further in them the racks from a bar section 120х120 mm are established. Free space is poured with concrete or pawned with buta.

When the concrete hardens sufficiently, it is possible to start laying horizontal runs( for this purpose beams with a cross section of 50x150 mm are suitable).They are fixed with screws. Further, horizontal support bars are installed. They fit into pre-prepared cuts. After that, fix the top slats. Separate arches are connected with each other by slopes, which are installed at an angle of 45 °.

As you can see, wooden pergolas with their own hands are built quite simply, besides, they can be sewn with a thin trellis, which will serve as a support for ornamental plants. If you want to learn more about how to make a pergola with your own hands on a summer residence, it's time to start working using our tips.