Choose the most effective poison from cockroaches

Effective poisoning from cockroaches

Since the Prusaks move freely around the apartment, and their favorite place of accumulation is a trash can, they often suffer diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, dysentery, and various intestinal infections.

Effective poisoning from cockroaches

There are many ways to get rid of the Prusak house, but more often people resort to chemical drugs. Among them are the following:

  1. Gels.
  2. Sprays and aerosols.
  3. Crayons.
  4. Powders and various mixtures.

Gel from cockroaches

Each of these drugs has its advantages, however, the best option for home can be called gels. Gels are very effective, reliable and safe. They act in such a way that they attract the Prusaks with a smell, and when they get into the digestive tract of an insect they act on its nerve endings, causing paralysis and death.

Geli from cockroaches

Gels are economical, have a long enough action, and are not hazardous to health. Even if such a gel is eaten by a dog or a cat, the animal will not seriously suf


Aerosols from cockroaches

If you need to quickly remove insects, then the most effective poison can be called aerosols. If the gel can not enter the body at once, or it may not get at all, whereas an aerosol sprayed in the air will necessarily affect the insect. The drawbacks of this method can be attributed to the fact that sprays are quite toxic. At the time of spraying, it is better to evacuate all the tenants of the apartment. After using the sprays, you need to ventilate well and have a general cleaning.

Aerosols from cockroaches


remedies Other, less effective agents include various powders and crayons.

Crayons - the oldest method of dealing with the Prusaks. Previously, it was considered effective, however, when comparing chalk with modern chemical preparations, its effectiveness is much lower. Melok is only able to prevent the increase in the number of insects in the apartment, but can not help get rid of them permanently.

Other means

Powders act on the insect in much the same way as gels. However, in order to get rid of the Prusaks with their help, you need a lot of the drug. In addition, scattered in the kitchen or bathroom powder causes a sense of confusion, and insects can easily bypass the place of accumulation of powder. Its advantages include the fact that even if the individual did not eat the powder, but went through it, the substance got on the body of the insect and will soon find itself in its body.

The best poison from cockroaches

In especially severe cases, when home remedies do not help in the fight against these insects, one has to resort to more serious, professional means.

You can order from the specialists full disinfection of the apartment and its adjoining premises, or you can take advantage of Lambda Zone, a particularly powerful tool. This means does not leave the Prussians with chances, when others do not cope. Issued in the form of a solution, they can just sprinkle the plinth, the place near the trash can and plumbing. Lambda is economical and practically harmless to humans. Reviews of this poison from cockroaches confirm its effectiveness even in the most difficult cases.

The best poison from cockroaches

Not so long ago in the domestic market appeared the means of production of China. Produced such a Chinese poison from cockroaches in the form of chalk, but unlike analogues, it is much more effective. Crayfish really helps to destroy insects, however, the drug is new, quite inexpensive, and it is not yet known how safe it is for others. Therefore, you need to use these drugs very carefully.