Effective means from bedbugs, allowing to quickly solve this problem

Selection of funds from domestic bugs

Since bedbugs can only feed on human blood, no powders or crayons are suitable for their baiting. The best remedy for such parasites is aerosol. The use of powders is permissible only if they contain a contact poison.

Choice of means from home bedbugs

The most effective remedy is one that gets into their lungs or penetrates the chitinous shells. Most of the funds from bed bugs are safe for humans, since they usually have an insecticide of paralytic action, and mammals have special protective systems in the body that eliminate their effects.

The most effective remedy, which is usually used by professionals, are drugs that cause chemical damage to an insect. Strong poisons are capable of irritating and even burning the person's airways, skin and mucous eyes.

Choice of means from home bedbugs

All types of otra can be divided into several groups:

  1. Spray concentrates. These are concentrated solutions with the addition of auxiliary substances. These solutions are diluted with water before use. Usua
    lly poisons in this form are sold in bottles of 50 and 100 ml each. This amount, in combination with water, should be enough to process the entire apartment. They are usually used in the professional processing of apartments.
  2. Aerosols. In fact, these are the same concentrates, only diluted and packaged in production. Aerosols are effective enough, but toxic and can cause allergies. However, recently there have appeared convenient means without a smell. Their use will not bring any discomfort.
  3. Folk remedies for bedbugs in an apartment. These include kerosene, vinegar, alcohol and methylated spirit, as well as dry wormwood. Reviews of them say that such drugs can be used only if there are very few insects in the apartment or you want to prevent their appearance.

The most effective means of

It is best to use sprays and aerosols in everyday life. However, with a large accumulation of parasites, it is possible to give preference to liquid concentrates. An excellent tool in can be called "Executioner".The price is not high, but in the domestic application this German drug is the best. Its price is 70 rubles for a small bottle, which will need 15-20 to completely clean the housing."Executioner" will also help with bed bugs.

The most effective means

Home remedy for bedbugs will never compare with professional in efficiency. Reviews of people will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

Methods for getting rid of bed bugs

You can get rid of parasites yourself, but in especially serious cases, it will be much better to invite professionals. There are several ways to get rid of pesky insects - mechanical, chemical and temperature. Any disinfestation service usually uses a chemical method, since it is the most effective, and the duration of the action is the greatest.

Methods of getting rid of bed bugs

Cost of work to get rid of bugs

The cost of getting rid of bedbugs will fluctuate depending on the chosen method and scope of work. In the case of chemical processing, the average price is 1,200 rubles, and when processing with a hot mist - 4,000 rubles.