Landscaping the site with your own hands - how to create a masterpiece in an enclosed space?

Proper preparation of the site for landscaping

To beautify your life and take full advantage of the opportunities for living in nature, you need to make a number of preparatory work to create a garden of your dreams. It is necessary to plan simultaneous gardening and landscaping. Well, if you already have a clear idea of ​​which plants plant, where to lay the tracks, place a pond, a pergola and so on. But most often the owners of a private house or cottage only remotely represent what landscape they want to surround themselves with.

Therefore, before you start to take specific actions, look at the photos on the Internet, look through the magazines, learn more about the plants that you would like to see on your site. Then make a detailed plan for future beauty. At this stage, it would be good to invite a specialist in landscape design. But if you do not want to use its services, you can plant the site and yourself, if you follow certain rules.

Recommendations for plant landscapin
g with your own hands

If you have just built a house on your site, then before starting to create beauty, you should free yourself of construction debris. And also complete all engineering work:

  • relief organization;
  • providing rainfall;
  • laying underground networks for drainage, irrigation, lighting.

Are you going to equip a pond? It also needs to be done at this stage. Planting pits for trees are also prepared well in advance.

However, most often landscaping of the land must be done when it already has a fruit-bearing garden. But in that case, one should not despair. First of all, decide how valuable fruit trees are to you. It is possible that some of them need to be removed. The rest must be cleaned up - remove all diseased or broken branches, form the crown, so that the plants organically blended into the landscape.

Stages of landscaping of the countryside of the

  • Carrying out the gardening of a garden plot or private homeownership, consider that needs to plant precisely those plants that will normally develop in your ecological conditions. Non-compliance with these conditions will invariably lead to a loss of decorative plants, and even to their death.
  • Having decided to change your home garden, planting begins with planting trees and bushes, hedges, creating organic groups of large plants that should have common features( crown shape, leaf color, etc.).Even in contrast groups, some kind of trait should be dominant.
  • Run the paths in the garden.
  • Remove all weeds and prepare the soil. If necessary, improve it, bring the fertile land, not forgetting that under the lawn the layer should be at least 20-25 cm.
  • Break the flower beds, planting the plants taking into account the color, height and flowering period. And also organize other landscape solutions: alpine hills, stone gardens, dry streams of pebbles.
  • Sow grass or lay a lawn roll. At this stage, you should remember: the main condition for creating a beautiful carpet of greenery is abundant watering!
  • Carrying out the planting of a small area, pay special attention to the vertical design: plants climbing walls, lanterns, pergolas, pergola, etc.

And remember: you create your own beautiful garden only for yourself and have the right to manifest creativity! It is moving away from the generally accepted canons, and we create masterpieces. Let your site please you every day.