Self-fence: the basic principles of installation

Functional qualities of a wooden fence

A tree as a building material has a number of its features - positive and negative.


  1. Material nature
  2. Absolute ecological compatibility. The tree does not contain chemical impurities that adversely affect human health.
  3. Versatility. Wooden boards perfectly fit any structure of a private house. Often developers use threads, adding the attractiveness of the
  4. sampling design. Simplicity of design. The fence can be built with your own hands. It does not take much time and effort.

A wooden fence is an absolutely eco-friendly design


  1. Sensitivity to moisture and weather conditions
  2. Need for constant care of the fence. Frequent painting
  3. The fence made of wood should be subjected to frequent painting

  4. Instability of design
  5. Bad compatibility with iron( unimportant reaction to nails, metal fasteners)

All metal parts must be carefully painted over

Step-by-step instructions for installing the fence from boards

We recommend to follow a certain sequence:

  1. Dig a pit for iron pillars
  2. Pillars need to be dug into the ground

  3. Lay a foundation for a metal frame
    . It is made of concrete
  4. Poles are inserted into pits and poured with cement
  5. The foundation is made on the basis of cement mortar

  6. Pillars are connected with metal or wooden strips under the fence boards
  7. . The boards are fastened to the frame. This happens through nails or screws. The

Mounting the boards is done on a prepared frame

screwdriver can speed up the process. Installing the wicket for the fence

Often, the wicket is made from one with a material fence. If desired, it can be made of polycarbonate or profiled sheet.

Wicket structure

Function of the gate - the entrance door to the territory of the residential area.
Its parameters can be selected at will. It can be above or below the fence, have a rectangular or round shape.
Special attention should be paid to the input handle. The fence door can be closed on the latch, hook and other devices.

Handle on the gate

Fixing the fence:

  1. Installing the support post
  2. For strength, it breaks into the ground and is poured with cement mortar
  3. After drying, the wicket is put on the awnings
  4. . The handle of the wicket and the latch
  5. is adjusted. The

Wicket components

lock is installed if desired. The fence structure must be carefully thought out and correctly implemented. Often the wooden beams decay. It should be made in time to paint the wooden surface.

Wooden fence in the country