Snow cleaning in cities

Snow cleaning in small and large enterprises

Cleaning in the territories of enterprises is a problem for the enterprises themselves. They occupy quite large areas, and often the issue is solved by hiring a tractor or truck with a workers' brigade, or the leadership can give an indication of the cleaning of territories by its workers. It's pretty quick and easy, because there are a lot of utility companies on the market who will do everything for a certain amount without unnecessary problems.

Cleaning at the enterprises

Clearing snow in the yards of multi-storey houses

For cleaning the snow in courtyards, squares, and sidewalks, the service is responsible for servicing your home. This can be a city or a private campaign.

When drafting the contract, they describe in detail all the services that will be provided to residents. If, for any reason, one or more items are not fulfilled, the tenants have the right to demand recalculation for the payment period in which the services were not provided or w

ere provided, but not completely. Clearing streets and roads from snow is also a point in contracts. The frequency of harvesting depends on the amount of precipitation, and also on the temperature of the air.

Clearing snow in yards

How to write a complaint to the service provider

In a complaint about snow cleaning, you must specify the date of writing, as well as enter the name of the service you are contacting. Next, you need to specify your address and the address of the recipient, then the sender's name. It is necessary to specify the essence of the complaint and your requirements. It is necessary to fill in the list of tenants and collect signatures - this will be effective, since your complaint will be considered much faster.
The response to the complaint should lead to the following reaction:

  • Identify the perpetrators of the failure to perform their duties
  • Check the quality of the cleaning operations in the areas entrusted to them from the precipitated deposits
  • Check the quality of the inspections, familiarize the occupants with them

If your complaint was notconsidered and the company did not solve this problem, then you should contact the city administration with a demand to resolve the conflict with snow removal.