Sliding gate with own hands

Advantages and features of sliding gates

The sliding gates consist, as a rule, of two or one sash and are used in trade, warehouse and factory premises as entry into the fenced territory. The valves can move either manually or automatically. The movement of the rollers along the rails with a simple lever mechanism provides one-way movement. This is a common gate scheme, which can be easily done by yourself.

In recent years, sliding gates have become popular for installation in a private area, since they have a lot of advantages. This is reliability, strength, attractive appearance, and most importantly - it is space saving. Due to the variety of types and materials of the gate, you can show your individuality.

The main advantage of sliding gates is that they do not require space inside or outside the room, and this saves space considerably. Among the features of the gate can be noted:

  • installation in any place due to lack of space limitations;
  • ease of use( even strong gusts do
    not prevent closing the gate);
  • versatility( you can easily choose the dimensions of the canvas for yourself - weighted or light);
  • variety of finishing materials( metal profile, corrugated board, wood, sandwich panels);
  • safety( in case of a power failure the gate can be closed manually);
  • attractive look.

Sliding gate with own hands

In addition to the extreme compactness of the pluses of such gates, it can be attributed that they do not have upper guides, which makes it convenient to travel even for large vehicles. The price of sliding gates is not high, and this is for everyone an undoubted advantage.

What is needed for the installation of sliding gates?

There are two types of sliding gates: rail and cantilever. The first type is not popular now, because it has many drawbacks and complexity in the installation. Console gates are much easier not only in terms of installation, but also in further maintenance.

In order to build a sliding gate with your own hands, you need to have a lot of consumables at hand, but the most important part is the fittings that are responsible for the movement. These are:

  • roller trolleys and carriages;
  • end and support roller;
  • lower and upper catcher;
  • guide plugs;
  • guide rail.

Stages of erecting sliding gates

  1. At the first, the most important stage, the preparation of support poles is carried out, on which the structure will be fastened. Posts can be made of different materials.
  2. After that, prepare the foundation and install the automatic wiring.
  3. Then comes the process of manufacturing sliding gates. Here the choice of material is important, mainly, the metal profile is chosen, because it provides the strength of the structure and is easy to use.
  4. The next stage is the installation of sliding gates. To properly install a sliding gate, you must adhere to the generally accepted scheme. Sliding gate with own hands