How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands

How to choose the right place for the

fountain The first thing you need is to decide on a design that can be classic, avant-garde, Swiss, modern style, etc.
The second stage - placement - is perhaps the most important. Here are a few simple rules to remember. The fountain at the dacha should be set further away from the trees, since the roots can damage the underground structure;fruits, leaves and branches, will pollute the water. Do not equip in open areas: because of direct sunlight, the water can "bloom", and also near the house: from the evaporation of moisture, walls can collapse. An ideal place for an ornamental pond is a playground that can be seen from all sides.

How to choose the capacity for the

fountain When the place is selected, we determine with the tank. Any capacity will fit - it needs to be installed in a previously excavated pit. Or use PVC film, it perfectly retains the liquid,( it can be stone-stained, which will give a natural look to an artificial reservoi


Which sprayer to choose for the

fountain After we have the "bottom", choose the sprayers. Plus a fountain made by yourself, is that you can change nozzles with sprayers to the mood. The most budgetary option is a pump with a nozzle that has the form of a hose with a spray gun and a special cord with an electric plug;all this device is hidden under a layer of stones or a statuette. For those who have the means, it will not be superfluous to purchase additional molds, which will give spectacular effect to the flowing water. They are made of bronze, fiberglass cloth and ceramics. All these materials are frost-resistant and durable.

Important: The spray nozzle must be located above the water level!

The pump is the heart of the fountain. How to choose a pump for a fountain

The heart of a summer cistern is a pump - and not for nothing, it creates a constant and uninterrupted water cycle. It must be carefully chosen.
There are two main types:

  • Superficial - is installed on the edge and is used to supply the falling waterfalls and large fountains.
  • Submersible( economical and reliable) - installed in the middle of the aqueduct under the water, works as a centrifuge

Fountain scheme with own hands

Fountain type with surface pump

Fountain type with submersible pump

. For small sprays, an underwater pump is suitable. Due to its weight, it will stand firmly on the bottom, without moving, without fastening.
For a strong geyser, the pump is installed on the surface: the farther away the sprayer is located, the stronger the pressure.
That's all the basic instructions for the construction of a country fountain with their own hands.

How to properly care for a homemade fountain

In order to prolong the life of a fountain made by oneself, systematically look after it. For the winter dismantle the removable elements, drain the water from the reservoir. It is better to do this with the closure of the summer season, before the frost, because under the influence of cold on the bowl of the garden fountain, cracks can form. In summer, it is often necessary to change the water. If there are no special filters and cleaners in your pond, you can clean it with your own hands, by the way, not at all, not worse. Just make sure that there are no leaves, no fuzz, etc. in the water. When you do not use a fountain, cover it with plastic wrap. These simple tips will keep your fountain for a long time.