LED street lighting fixtures on a country plot

What is good for LED street lighting?

First of all, let's figure out what the LED is, and what are its advantages over the usual filament or fluorescent element. In fact, it is a semiconductor device of a very small size, it has nothing in common with the first diodes for indication. This element consists of a crystal based on a substrate, an optical system and a housing with outwardly exposed contacts.

This device works, which is interesting, due to some phenomenon, for the study of which in 2000 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Russian physicist Zhores Alferov. These are multilayer semiconductor structures that serve to create conditions in which light quanta of the visible range are formed. Only because of these structures in the crystal of the diode is formed light radiation when passing electricity through the crystal. It is on this principle and work modern LED street lighting fixtures.

It would seem that such a small element and performance will be insignificant, like that of lumin

escent tiles. However, it is not. The stronger the current is passed through the crystal, the brighter the glow will be. Of course, there is a certain limit, beyond which there will be overheating and failure of the diode. But to achieve optimal lighting, grouping several such semiconductor elements is not difficult. The savings are enormous, because even for the maximum bright light of electricity, it is required to be negligible, and the LEDs for street lighting are good.

Street Lighting LED - choose the right version of

So, what can we install on our site for a bright and, most importantly, economical lighting? The choice is pretty rich. First of all, it is LED lamps for outdoor street lighting. From ordinary lamps, they differ only in the filling, on the outside it is the same base and glass bulb. In other words, if you have a flashlight or other lighting device, and the socket is suitable for it, you can screw in the diode lamp and get a significant energy saving .Moreover, these elements on semiconductor crystals serve more than 50 thousand hours, and this is as much as 5.7 years.

Next, consider such an option as outdoor lighting fixtures LED.Their advantage is only design. The fact is that the usual light bulb in the style of a restaurant or boutique does not fit, there needs something more spectacular. And, often, more expensive because of its body luminaires are preferable, although the same resource they have absolutely the same as that of diode lamps. However, if the latter are easily unscrewed from the lanterns and replaced, the expensive elegant cases of the first ones are sent to the dump together with the spent diodes. In addition, if you already had a fully-established normal or halogen street lighting, LED light is easier to make on the basis of lamps.

We arrange on the site LED street lights

One diode shines, really, not so brightly to disperse the darkness in the street. However, considering that within a radius of several meters, everything can be seen quite distinctly, one can imagine the area covered by the illumination from a group of diodes. Consequently, LED street lights do not have to be installed more often than if ordinary halogen lamps burned in them. Keeping the distance between the lanterns about 30 meters, you will achieve that on the path and the surrounding terrain everything will be seen as well as during the day.

When choosing a lamp with semiconductor elements, note that it can have optics for both narrow and wide beam scattering.

It should be taken into account that diode street lighting does not put any strain on the eyes, since the diodes shine brightly, but very softly. This is due to the fact that the emission spectrum of a semiconductor crystal is very narrow, it contains neither ultraviolet radiation nor infrared radiation. Even LED floodlights for street lighting, although they blind the eyes, do not harm the retina in any way. By the way, you can put them on your site near the ground, without fear that someone accidentally breaks the flask of the diode lamp. The fact is that it uses not glass, but an ideally transparent and very thin plastic, which, after scattering into pieces, will not cut anyone.