Why is it necessary to put a shelter for the pool on the site?

What kind of shelter for the pool to choose?

Clean water, which casts hundreds of sunbeams, when the wind raises a light ripple, evokes the desire to plunge into the coolness to escape the heat. However, the same wind brings into the pool a variety of garbage, starting with leaves and ending with various winged insects. If you do not have any desire to constantly clean the water, get a shelter for the pool. The choice should be made on the basis of what type of capacity you have for water procedures. It can be stationary, made by pouring concrete into a pit, a precast frame, or an inflatable one. There are separate models entirely made of metal or plastic.

The roof for the pool should match it. For stationary installation of a permanent design of the pavilion, for the inflatable or prefabricated frame is installed mobile canopy .In order to cover the child during bathing from the scorching sun rays, there is enough light folding awning, which are often used for outdoor fairs. However, this

is a temporary shelter and is suitable only for quickly retractable inflatable containers of small dimensions. Much more interest is represented by pavilions, the varieties of which we will consider in more detail.

Canopy for the pool - hide from the sun, rain and even snow

Some people are very fond of swimming, but they do not hurry to write to walruses, because they feel uncomfortable in ice water. How to be, so as not to give up the pleasure of arranging swim in the pool even in late autumn, and even in winter? It's simple - you need to put a closed pavilion, wireframe type. This can be a whole room, with sliding sections of walls and roof( telescopic version) or a collapsible frame with a cloth cover stretched over it.

It is possible to consider separately inflatable hemispheres( including elongated ones), under which the large size can hide from the most severe frost. The heat under such domes is perfectly preserved, the entrance with the tambour is closed tightly, with a zipper. The most interesting option, of course, is a pavilion, this type of construction can be attached to the wall of the house, to a high concrete or brick fence, or may stand alone.

The dimensions of the frame are unlimited, since it consists of separate sections, each of which is a frame with glass( can be tinted or matt).If necessary, part of the wall and even the roof can be removed, turning the fully enclosed pavilion into a pool canopy. And small frames with a stretched transparent fabric are of interest as a dacha option for inflatable containers. They are more like a seashell garage, and they are exactly the same, and the shape is similar.

Awning for the pool - the last line of protection

The child was put in a pool, and the child rejoices so that it's a pity to clean the pool with cool water on the same day, leave for the night, under a canopy or a large garden umbrella, and go to sleep calmly. And in the morning we find out that the water is covered by an unpleasant film of dust and gnats. Sometimes, when the wind rises, and the canopy does not save water from pollution, so you should not forget about such a necessary accessory, like a tent for the pool. This is not the same thing that is revealed above it in the form of a stretched fabric on the supports. Rather, it is a kind of cover that tightens tightly on the sides.

Awnings are much more convenient to be worn on frame pools, thanks to the rigidity of the sides, while the inflatable tanks can be deformed if the stretched material accumulates water, selling it in the middle and creating excess tension.

It should be noted that such awnings can be purchased not only for an inflatable tank, but also for an ordinary large stationary one. The main thing is that its sides rise slightly above the ground. Sometimes the lid for the pool is fixed not to the walls, but to special pegs-stretchers, driven into the ground, with the help of silk cords. In this case, the purity of the water will depend entirely on the quality of the tension of the material. The most reliable covers - frame, made by the type of pavilions, that is, approaching the pool sections, which are installed on the rollers. For the latter, rails are laid on the side of the tank.