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Sanitary hatches for bathroom and toilet - typical sizes

bow One of the features of these rooms is the availability of engineering communications. They, as a rule, are masked by different facing materials, so choosing an acceptable option is not a problem. The difficulty in the other is how to ensure free access to the elements of sanitary ware( valves, filters, draining the bathroom), and also the meter installed on the thread of HVS( DHW)?

After all, take readings, routine maintenance or repair of individual highway nodes should be done periodically.

For this purpose in the toilet and bathroom rooms are installed sanitary( inspection) hatches. In fact, it is a frame with a door that can be opened either to the side or up( down).

Design features, materials of manufacture and design of similar products are a separate topic. But in order to make the right choice, it is necessary to know before the renovation of the bathroom what sizes the inspection hatches are on sale. Here we focus on this.

First of all, it should be

clarified that all hatches are classified according to different signs. For example, in the place of installation in the bathroom or toilet - on the floor( used, as a rule, if a heating system is installed), ceiling or wall( more common option).The difference is small, but there is. There are differences in the locking joints, the frame material, filling the door of the hatch. But the typical sizes are the same for all sanitary fittings.


Dimensions of sanitary hatches

The wide range of these products is on sale, so it is pointless to list all the parameters. Moreover, hatches have the form of either a rectangle or a square. For the reader, other information will be more interesting - about the limiting values ​​of the sizes of the most commonly used lids( in mm).

  • Width: 150 - 600.
  • Height: 150 - 800.
  • Depth of fit: 30 - 35.
 Quite a lot of companies specialize in the manufacture of inspection hatches for toilet and bathroom. They are not only delivered to the market. Part of the capacity is focused on the production of samples to order, according to individual sizes. As a rule, the deadline for the execution of the application is from 3 to 6 days, with delivery "on the house", and the price, of course, is negotiated.

Cost of inspection hatches for toilet and bathroom

Depends on such components as used materials, design features and dimensions of the product. The price of the simplest( from plastics) and small-sized models of plumbing hatches starts from 155 rubles. More complex and massive structures( for example, with double-circuit mechanisms) are more expensive - from 2,025 rubles.