Inflatable pools for children - how to choose them correctly?

Which inflatable pools are preferred for children?

When even outside the city it becomes unbearably hot, and the shady green of trees does not save from stuffiness, moisture leaves the human body extremely quickly. That's why we always want to drink in the summer hot days. Water procedures balance the balance of the liquid, and in general, plunge once or twice, to escape the heat, just nice. Especially love to frolic in the water kids, and inflatable pools for children are the best replacement for the playground. But, getting mad, the guys begin to jump into the water with a take-off or just from the sides, and this is a considerable load for inflatable cameras.

How to choose this air-filled container so that it lasts as long as possible? Let's start with the form. There are many options, ranging from a simple round pool, and ending with complex figures, like animals, cars. The greatest resistance to air, bursting the chamber from the inside, is observed near the circle. In addition, the sm

aller the different angles and complex protrusions, the less likely is the integrity of the inflatable bowl to be damaged. Conclusion - buy the best pool round shape or any close to it( for example, oval) .

Next, you should focus on the material. Today there are inflatable tanks made of rubber, vinyl, PVC and even leatherette, and the choice of the life of each material should be taken into account. So, for example, the rubber from frequent wetting and drying over time crackles, and on the sides of vinyl, even an adult can calmly sit. PVC film is also quite durable. As for such material as leatherette, the pools of it are generally designed for filling not with water, but with plastic balls.

Inflatable dry pools for the house

The swimming season flies by unnoticed, and if you bought the pool too late, your child probably did not have time to splash enough in the water. In a city apartment, and in winter time and in a country house, a great replacement for a street font will be a bath, but you will not play very much in it. It's here that children's inflatable dry pools are recalled. As already mentioned above, they are made of different leatherette and can have both a smooth and rough surface. It is logical that it is better to take the least slippery.

When choosing balls as a filler, be careful: they should not be too large( within 5 centimeters), in any case not rigid, and without prominent scratching seams.

Colorful balls of light plastic are usually sold in sets of 100 pieces packed in handy bags with handles and zippers. Thus, both the small children's inflatable pool and the filler for it can easily be transported from the city to the dacha and back in the trunk of the car. The size of the capacity should be chosen based on the child's age, since a large-sized game complex with a slide is not absolutely necessary for a toddler. And, if you will install a dry pool in nature, buy a model with a tent, inflating with the bowl.

Children's pool with an inflatable bottom, or some important trifles

The capacity with boards up to 40 centimeters in height holds a relatively small amount of water, and the child leaping into it will encounter almost no resistance. If such a pool has a bottom of one layer of film, the tender feet of the toddler will come into quite a stiff contact with the platform on which the bowl is mounted. Injuries may not be, but a bruise is guaranteed. Therefore, be sure to choose a children's pool with an inflatable bottom, it will be nice to spring under your feet and make all the unevenness of the ground invisible.

It is important that the bottom of the tank is not slippery .Because, even if the child tightly puts a foot, under it there will still be moisture, in combination with the slippery material of the bowl, this will create the risk of slipping. Falling into the water, especially backwards, always causes panic, which is quite dangerous, especially if the adults suddenly for some reason are distracted from watching the children play out. For the same reason, it is desirable that the sides of the pool are equipped with handles or small loops through which a thick cord is passed. All this can, if necessary, help the stumbled child to return to a stable position.