Mixborder - a modern and original decoration of your garden

What is a mixboarder?

At its core, the mixboarder is a flower garden of many- and one-year-old plants, which has several characteristic features. Its main distinguishing feature is elongation, which makes it ideally suited for the design of garden paths, the corresponding form of water bodies, the entrance area of ​​the house and the sections along the walls. Such a flower garden will be an excellent border for a lawn or small buildings.

Its main idea is the mixing of different varieties and plant species within one small plot.

Also, the features of this flower garden include multi-row, multi-tiered and free outlines. Used in the design of mixborders plants - to create the desired visual effects - differ in color scale, flowering phases, height. As a rule, they are selected, proceeding from the fact that after withering of some in the phase of active growth or flowering, others must join. Obviously, this is an extremely complex composition, requiring the most careful approach to design.

Mixborder itself - what to look for when designing?

The correct design of a mixboarder is possible only if you follow a number of rules and take into account a huge number of nuances. Otherwise, you can get a less desirable bright, luxurious and tidy flower garden, and wild thickets of a variety of plants that will die, leaving behind ugly "bald spots."So, after making the decision to create a mixborder, take into account the following:

  • The flower garden should correspond to the style of the decoration of the house and the entire garden area, to be in harmony with its other elements. So, if your house is designed in the style of a country, then the high Dutch roses on the site will be inappropriate.
  • Before embarking on planting, examine the condition of the soil and the conditions in which they will grow. Sun-loving plants may not like in the dark corner of the garden.
  • When choosing plants, learn the types of their root systems, the depth and growth rate. This will avoid problems at the stage when plants begin to grow actively.
  • It is not recommended to plant aggressive plant species in the flower garden, as they will supersede weaker species from there in a relatively short time or simply "strangle" them.
  • It is necessary to analyze your possibilities for caring for plants, especially if your country house is intended for seasonal living.

Compliance with these simple rules will avoid undesirable losses of time, cash and own forces. Moreover, in this case you have all the chances that your flower garden will please everyone with its beautiful appearance all season. So, you have chosen a place for planting plants, decided on your own preferences, now it's time to move on to one of the most important stages of creating a mixborder - drawing up its scheme.

MixBoard - schemes and plan projects

If you are thinking about how to create a mixboarder, you need to make it a diagram. It will help to properly place the plants in the flower garden, which you prefer, to create for them the most comfortable conditions for growth. So, what should be noted on your circuit? First of all, it is necessary to outline the location of the object near which the flower garden will be broken( the path, the facade of the building, the reservoir, etc.).After this, you can proceed to "plant" the plants on paper.

As a rule, it begins with the definition of a place for shrubs, only then perennials are planted. At this stage it is necessary to take into account all parameters of the plant - its height, growth rate, flowering phase, color, shape. On the mixborder plan, all the plants are schematically shown and marked with numbers. The decoding of these figures should be under the plan within your visibility.

On the diagram with this or that digit one can note not only the location of the plant, but also its color. So you can imagine as clearly as possible how the flower garden will look like in the end.

When placing plants on the scheme, it is also necessary to take into account the distances between them, the space required for each species. Thus, each plant site of a large plant should not have an area less than 1 m2, and for medium-sized species, 50-70 cm2 will suffice. It is not recommended to place all plants in several even rows - the mixboarder will look unnatural.

Thus, creating a mixboarder is a responsible and time-consuming task, but due consideration will allow you to surprise the guests for several years.