The scheme for creating a garden path from the saw itself

Wooden flooring in the garden with your own hands: pros and cons

Speaking about wooden paths for the garden, everyone understands their main purpose - to preserve the flower garden or other plantings intact, to protect their integrity and preserve the zoning of the garden.

Tracks are an excellent option in rainy weather - they allow the owners of the dachas not to spoil their shoes, strolling along the territory of the house.

The paths from the saw help ennoble the garden plot, add to it a special naturalness and decorative stylistics. Having wooden buildings in the villa area, such a path of wood to complement the design of the entire private complex.

A single style of the suburban area will be emphasized by a wooden path

Let's consider in more detail the positive qualities of the garden floor:

  1. Wood is an ecological, natural and harmless material. He is gaining his popularity among the truckers, who are trying to maintain their health and do not pollute the environment with artificial building materials.
  2. Spiel is able to perfectly pass ai
    r. Excessive cold or hot weather does not act on it. High endurance of moisture.

    The existing pores in the tree structure allow to "breathe" the material

  3. Widespread. Sidewalk tiles require special order from the company. Wooden rings can be made by hand. Spruce trees are suitable earlier. You can use dry. It is important to monitor the integrity of their structure. Not having a building material for tracks, it can be easily ordered. It is sold in a wide range. It will not be difficult to "get it".
  4. Interesting stylistics of the territory. Pavement tiles for the garden floor are available in most yards. The paths from the sleeping themselves will become an exclusive decoration of the territory of a private house. They can be developed on their own scheme and have no analogues at all.

    Wooden track can have a variety of design

  5. Easy styling. It does not take much time. Does not require special skills. Laying the path from the saw is under the power of anyone.


  1. Short-term use of the wooden track. The basis of laying the garden floor is a natural material. Under the influence of external influences, the wood structure soaks, cracks, dries - loses its original properties.

    The tree is not always able to withstand the vagaries of nature

  2. Highly flammable.
  3. The presence of brick buildings implies the use of paving slabs. A path from a log can disrupt the general concept of a private plot.

Cases of the construction of the garden path from the saw itself

The paths from the saw serve as an excellent hollow in the garden area. There is another opinion on this matter.

Wooden ringlets ennoble courtyards and a patio. The principle of creating such a "carpet" is identical to all cases. Wood spiles are required with a diameter of up to 1 meter, the parameters are chosen strictly individually in relation to the width of the track or the floor area of ​​the garden. Logs have to dig into the ground. You need to be as tall as 15 centimeters.

Raw wood for the track

You can if you want to build steps of wooden penechkov. They can serve as a path and special fencing for flowerbeds. Needs a diameter of up to half a meter and a length of more than 15 centimeters.

Note: When deciding to create a stepped fence, you can select the frame from your own discretion. Counting the gradual ascent, it is worthwhile to increase the length of the hemp. Parameters are selected independently.

An additional decoration will be a diverse form of material. An optional diameter is a circle. You can vary the choice. At skill it is necessary to cut out flower forms, square and other. This will add to the elegance of the path and the special creativity of the garden planting.

When deciding to diversify the shape of penochki, you need to cut each component separately

Preparatory work: the beginning of laying the track from the saw

The first important point can be safely called harvesting and buying wood. There are two options:

  1. Purchase of finished materials in specialized construction stores. The order of the required parameters is cut and delivered to the house.
  2. Create rings for the track with your own hands. Having prepared the electric saw, it is necessary to take a log house of a selected diameter. Make marks with the same dimensions along the length of the trunk. It is important to cut rings of uniform height - 10-15 centimeters. Before the beginning of cutting, it is important to make a calculation of the amount of a hollow saw.

The main parameter in the preparation of the path is the choice of quality wood. The material of the subtile structure will crumble in a short period of time under the influence of precipitation and the scorching sun. The majority of summer residents choose their choice on strong types of wood:

  • Alder;
  • Oak;
  • Larch;
  • Pine tree.

Completing the cutting of wood, it is important for a long life of the material, treat it with antiseptic solutions. Experts assure, this will increase the strength of wood, protect it from harmful insects and prevent the appearance of mold, fungus. A quality substitute for the antiseptic is copper sulfate, drying oil of high temperature.

When cutting a tree, it is necessary to monitor the integrity of the wood and necessarily treat its surface with an antiseptic

Use wood after final drying.
To increase the strength and service life of a wooden walkway, you can treat it with bitumen. It is able to become a sealed layer from the ingress of moisture into the structure of the wood. It is applied according to the scheme:

  1. Prepare a special bitumen in briquettes.
  2. Prepare an iron container.
  3. Put bitumen in it and melt it over low heat.
  4. After obtaining a liquid consistency of the future sealant, apply it to the wood base of the garden path. Apply should be from the bottom, which is inserted into the ground.
  5. Allow the wax to dry.

The lower part of the tree should be treated with bitumen

Step-by-step arrangement of arrangement of a garden path with own hands

We follow the following scheme:

  1. We make a measurement. We mark the territory of the future track.
  2. Remove the top layer of soil under the wooden rings.
  3. In the notches, apply a layer of waterproofing. It can be made of a special coating - geotextile or a film based on polyethylene.
  4. Arrange drainage. It eliminates the underflooding of the track. It can be created from rubble, laid on the bottom of the pits under the path. The height of the rock embankment is a maximum of 15 centimeters.
  5. Apply a soft lining for a wooden cut. It can be made of sand, clay layer of 10 centimeters. After the mound watered, level the surface.
  6. Rectify the future path with a wooden saw. Stacking pass gradually, one component. Each taken unit of wood is slightly hammered. It is important to keep an eye on the flat surface. Its quality should be checked by level. Minor errors will not spoil the design. It is important to have very small deviations.
  7. The sawdust is laid tight. If there are gaps, they can be filled with cement or a small stone. Common methods are plantations of lawn grass, moss. It looks spectacular and truly natural.
  8. To decorate the borders. Finishing touches are decorating the edges of the path. They are abundantly covered with soil and leveled. A popular way is considered a decor of stone of different shapes and colors. In the construction sector is sold a special multi-colored stone or a separate paint, which allows you to choose a shade and paint the rubble yourself. Bortics can be made on the principle of a track with the effect of steps. It is worthwhile in advance to think over the design of the edges and preliminarily prepare additional penechki.

The finished path from the saw

Rules for the self-care of the garden paths

Equipping the path in the garden from the saw is half the battle. It is important to maintain her condition at the proper level.

Over time, under the influence of moisture, wind, temperature changes, the tree becomes unusable. To preserve its original state, special solutions will help. Antiseptic is the first treatment option. Will allow to eliminate the appearance of insects and destructive actions.

When choosing a tree species it is worth to learn in advance about its qualities and negative features.
It does not hurt to stock up on additional wood materials. They are useful for replacing the components of the track design.

Even after the arrangement of the garden path, special care is needed for it