Cultivation of tulips in a greenhouse

Greenhouse for flowers

Florists, who tested different types of greenhouses, almost unanimously chose one type of flower greenhouse called "winter garden".It has a heating system that allows you to grow flowers in any weather, at any time of the year.

When organizing a winter garden, you will have to think about the questions of irrigation and heating. Be sure to install a waterproofing floor, and it is also desirable to install an auto-irrigation system that will facilitate gardening. Lighting is a very important aspect when growing both tulips and other types of flowers. Place the greenhouse so that the windows face the sunny side.

Please note: the tulips after landing for a while require twilight and coolness, so it is advisable to install the blinds on the windows.

Preparatory work for

The end of September is the best period for planting tulips, as the heat decreases and the soil begins to cool down.
Before planting the tulips well dig well the soil, and if desired,

add the ash. Also, the soil must be saturated with compost.
It is recommended to select the largest and healthy bulbs, as they will then give beautiful flowers. Planting bulbs need to be treated in a solution of potassium permanganate to prevent various diseases.

Soil preparation

Planting of

material The cultivation of tulips in a greenhouse should begin with the planting of bulbs in a container, which are filled in advance with a substrate. For this, it is undesirable to use manure. The substrate must have the following qualities:

  • neutrality;
  • sterility;
  • moisture capacity.

The container should be filled approximately 2/3.Bulb should be pressed into the soil, while trying not to bend the bottom. It is necessary to water to prevent soil from drying out.

Please note! Water for irrigation should be stationary and have room temperature.

Cooling is the process that regulates the growth of an escape. Characterized by the accumulation of substances that control the growth of the stem. The quality of the bulb and the variety affect the duration of this stage of growth. The cooling process lasts from 16 to 22 weeks. During this period tulips should develop roots, and start a sprout about 5-7 cm high with a bud. The best temperature for this process is 7-9 degrees.

Planting of Tulips

Care of sprouts

Three weeks before the beginning of flowering of tulips, we transfer the shoots to a pre-prepared greenhouse. After moving the containers into the greenhouse, it is necessary to maintain the temperature 12-14 degrees within 2-3 days, after this time, increase the temperature to 17-18 degrees.

Irrigation water should remain within 19-21 degrees. As often as possible, weed the weeds, loosen the soil, and fertilize with various fertilizers. Observing all these rules, after 2-3 weeks you can cut off blossoming shoots.

Collection of tulips in a greenhouse