The flower bed is round, or how to apply geometry in floriculture

The flower bed is round or curly, and the goal is one - the beauty of

A very dense shady garden in which the columnar apples alternate with branched pears and slender cherries is very beautiful. You can call beautiful and garden, if all the beds are strictly parallel, even, well-groomed, and the plants become green, not constrained by weeds. But any suburban area will decorate the flower bed round, although this form is not the only possible one. There are irregular flower beds( free-form, with plants of different flowering time) and regular( geometric, such as a bed of rectangular shape, with plants blooming at the same time) .In addition, there are monoclubs, carpet, uplifted, multi-level, vertical, as well as an interesting option, such as flowerbeds.

Let's look at all the shapes of the flower beds separately. Monoclubs are areas completely planted with one plant, although combinations of the color of the petals of the inflorescences are possible. The carpet option is a lawn planted wit

h stunted plants, different types of which make up a certain pattern. The raised form of the flower bed is obtained due to the structures lifting the planting to a height of 1 meter above the ground. The vertical version is nothing more than a container landing on a special stand of a pyramidal or column type. Multilevel is similar to uplifted, only performed by ledges. A flower-panel is an image made by means of flowers, for example, a clock.

Rectangular flowerbed - is geometry appropriate in crop production?

Lined up as a string flowers are not always the only option of geometric planting. Rectangular flowerbed can be either carpeted or multi-level, raised or in the form of a panel, the base is the shape, flowers can be planted more arbitrarily. In particular, plants can be planted in the form of rays, a spiral inscribed in a rectangle, or other arbitrary pattern. Particularly stands out a panel on which planting can be made into a picture, and in the form of a frame non-flowering plants can be used.

Once marking a flower bed, it is possible to plant it every year, using annual plants, or to form it for a long time, planting perennial flowers .You can separate from each other the same roses or, for example, dahlias with the help of decorative plantings with bright foliage. If you prefer the option with annual flowers, they can each time constitute a new pattern, and a pattern made up by decorative plantations will be permanent, be it square flower beds, triangular or irregularly shaped. Perennial flowers in combination with annual ornamental plants are also an interesting option, then on the contrary, the background will change every year.

Forms of flower beds and design options

So, we talked about the geometry in plant growing, but for the decoration of the site you can approach other forms of flowerbeds, which will be based on a circle or other figure around which a free composition will spread. For example, planting a monocle with tall plants, around you can form arbitrary closed landings, which will look particularly spectacular on the hillock, then you can make the illusion of "flowing" down the slopes of plants. Very original looks decoration of a circular flower bed in combination with rockery or rock garden, as well as with a solitary, that is a single plant in the center, prominent spreading or height.

The first to plant in the flowerbed are tall plants, then those that will grow in groups, and only at the end you can take for stunted and creeping varieties.

The flower bed can be stretched along the entire path, however, then it is called somewhat differently - a curb. Such planting is rarely wider than 40 centimeters, otherwise it will be rather a flower plant - a wide elongated flower garden. There is another option, mixborder, when the flowers planted along the path mix or grow in parallel with the decorative plantings. If you do not want to think about how to make a circular flower bed, you can make a natural flower garden with a stony patch, it does not require a special imagination and will look almost like a corner of the wild.