Shower with my own hands

Stage 1. Designing

To cope with such a delicate matter as a project of a comfortable and original soul, in fact, anyone who can set such a goal. First, it often represents one leaf with one or a pair of drawings. Secondly, you just need to decide on the basic idea, and find its drawing or scheme today is not difficult - photo and video of the shower options with their own hands today on the Internet and specialized mass publications.

Define for yourself a few key points:

  • type of future construction( stand-alone, extension);
  • its location;
  • the main dimensions( taking into account the "dimensions" of those who will wash there, but usually such are used - 160x100 or 190x140 mm, height - about 2.5 m), while it is desirable to provide a place for undressing and storing bath accessories;
  • placement and volumes of septic tank;
  • basic components of the structure, which must be exclusively and as much as possible waterproof.

Such a drawing or scheme will allow you to minimize unne

cessary costs and optimally calculate how much your shower will require consumables.

Shower with my own hands

Stage 2. Preparation of the

site The choice of the location for a summer shower room will largely depend on which water heating system is selected. So, if you trust this matter to the sun - choose, accordingly, an open, sunny site. If the water in the shower is heated in another way, then this rule can be ignored. In addition, also provide for such a nuance as "dashes" from the shower to the house - the shorter they will be, the more convenient for you. Do not forget the question of supplying water to the bathing facility. It is better if the capacity in the shower is filled automatically.

Now directly to site preparation: remove the top layer of ground, ground properly and fill the sand layer.

Stage 3. Foundation

The need for such a constructive element as the foundation will depend on how serious a summer shower you are for yourself planning to build. Without it, you can do without, if it is a light frame structure. If your dacha douche will be a capital structure - you can not do without a foundation. In that case, the process of its creation is common, with the only difference that in the case of a brick variant lay the depth of the foundation about 30 cm, and for the frame structure it will be necessary to provide a place for pipes before pouring.

For the frame version of the shower it will be necessary to start with a piling foundation - it will be 4 pipes along the perimeter of the future structure, immersed in the ground at its height( with a ledge above the ground of not less than 20 cm) and filled with concrete. And already in them the metal or wooden skeleton is established.


Step 4. Framework

Here you need to decide on priorities. If you want a durable frame - choose metal. More economical, but not so stable to our climatic conditions option - a tree. However, it is possible to prolong its service - with the help of bio-impregnation.

When the skeleton is installed, it's time to tie the structure - it is carried out from above with the help of bolts. The same bandage inside the erected frame will be used as a lag under the floor. If you are building a summer shower with your own hands with a frame in a wooden version, then do not forget to fasten the wall-beams together with the help of the cuts.

And now we have reached the walls of the shower room - here you can use any material convenient for your situation or idea. It can be a plastic panel, a wooden board or an OSB board, slate, etc.

Shower with my own hands

Stage 5. Communication

In how to build a summer shower with your own hands, this stage can be called one of the most important. It includes the following points:

  • piping;
  • tank installation - here to calculate the capacity of the tank you can use the following calculation - 40 l / person, but not more than 200 liters, if you want the shower not to fall apart. The tank itself can be either plastic, or a barrel or other capacity. Paint it in black, install a drainage tap with a nozzle and fix it on the roof of the structure;
  • lighting - it may not necessarily be electric. For optimum natural lighting of the cabin, do not forget about the device of the window or open apertures;
  • ventilation - relevant for completely enclosed showers;
  • sink - for its optimum maintenance make a septic tank with a volume of at least 2 cubic meters and at some distance from the shower.

The most simple version of the shower tray with your own hands is a wooden grate, well polished, covered with a layer of antiseptic and fixed to the carcass with screws. You can also use a sheet of stainless steel or a purchase pallet.

When installing a pallet in the summer stall, it is desirable to provide additional waterproofing between it and the floor, and also make a slight slope towards the drain.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to create such a necessary structure for your dacha as a refreshing, invigorating shower. The main thing is to know what to do and how.