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How to choose a screwdriver

Many of their readers still remember those times when using fasteners or screwed connections to work with , one had to use only screwdrivers and conventional wrenches. It's understandable, it's not even necessary to talk about the high productivity of such works. Very often, to make the "drive" the screw into place, it was impossible to do without the drilling holes, because the efforts of the hand in this case are not enough for the to overcome the resistance of solid wood, not to mention the situation when it was required"Pierce" even the thinnest metal sheet. Several hours of such work - and the inevitable calluses on their hands, and the work progressed barely.

How to choose a screwdriver

How to choose a screwdriver

The situation has radically changed with the advent of screwdrivers .Initially, they were referred to in a kind of instrumental "exotic", causing genuine envy. But very soon these useful tools appeared in free sale, "migrated" to the public, and now are included in the mandatory "arsen

al" of the vast majority of hosts houses or apartments. Those who are just now thinking about acquiring such an invaluable assistant should first understand the issue of how to choose the screwdriver , that is, what to pay special attention to when evaluating the models presented in a wide range.

Basic types of screwdrivers

Contents of the article

  • 1 Main types of screwdrivers
    • 1.1 Electric screwdrivers.
    • 1.2 Electric wrenches
    • 1.3 Screwdrivers
  • 2 What to look for when choosing a screwdriver
    • 2.1 Battery type and characteristics
      • 2.1.1 Nickel-cadmium batteries( Ni-Cd)
      • 2.1.2 Nickel metal hydrideNi-MH
      • 2.1.3 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries( Li-Ion)
    • 2.2 Electromechanical quality of the screwdriver
    • 2.3 Cartridge type
    • 2.4 Additional selection criteria for screwdriver
    • 2.5 Brands to whichbut trust
  • 3 Video: the right approach to the choice of

screwdriver under the general name « screwdriver » Consumers often involve several types of this instrument, which still have differences with the overall similarity of functions. So, we can distinguish three main varieties:

  • Electric screwdrivers .
  • Electric wrench .
  • The most versatile - drill-screwdrivers .Some models can be equipped with still and shock function.

The most popular demand is for tools that run autonomously, from batteries. However, it is quite possible to purchase the screwdriver , operating from the usual 220 network in the / 50 Hz. Tools with a cord for connection to an outlet are usually called "network".

It is necessary to get acquainted with the basic types of information - it will be easier to make a choice, realizing the expected nature of the work, its intensity and load on the instrument.

Electric screwdrivers.

Despite the fact that the for its basic performance and general functionality, the screwdrivers are somewhat inferior to the standard drill drivers , they have their own specific advantages, which make these tools widely popular among professional masters as welland among amateurs. To these invaluable advantages of the , can include a small mass, a compact layout of the device, high ergonomics. This allows the use of battery screwdrivers in conditions, when use of a larger tool or is associated with large inconveniences, or even simply impossible.

Electric screwdrivers are particularly suitable for small fastening operations

Electric screwdrivers are particularly suitable for small fastening operations.

. Similar to the tool is an indispensable tool for the assembly of small household appliances, computer and office equipment, and is widely used by craftsmen in the production or final assembly of furniture. Due to compactness, ergonomics and low weight, such screwdrivers do not cause fast fatigue of hands, and therefore are very convenient for work at height, including, for example, when mounting false ceilings.

Rechargeable screwdrivers are different in their layout. Many models have a cylindrical body, which, however, is equipped with articulated joint, which, if necessary, folds, to concentrate the clamping force of the hand.

Screwdriver with hinged cylindrical body

Screwdriver with hinged cylindrical body

Other screwdrivers have the usual "pistol" shape, but always very compact, comfortably lying in the palm of your hand.

Аккумуляторная отвертка в "пистолетном" исполнении

Cordless screwdriver in the "pistol" version of the

In addition, very easy-to-use models are produced, in which a swivel connection is provided for the working head with a rotating chuck. This opens the possibility of tightening fasteners or dismantling most uncomfortable places where it is not possible to get a regular tool.

Screwdriver with swivel head

Screwdriver with rotary head

The compactness of these power tools is achieved through the use of small batteries, with a voltage usually within the from 3 to 9 V. Screwdrivers are not exposed to high speeds - usually from 150 to 250 rpm. For their direct purpose, this is quite enough, as well as the tightening torque of about 10 N × m. For the vast majority of fastening elements, especially in domestic conditions, such indicators are abundant enough. However, there are more advanced models, equipped with two-speed switch, and allowing to perform drilling operations with plastic and wood - the frequency of rotation can reach up to 600 rpm.

Almost all rechargeable screwdrivers are equipped with an adapter cartridge for bits with hexagonal shank ¼ ".Usually, bits for different types of fasteners, as well as small diameter drill bits with the same hexagon shank are included with the screwdriver.

Very often drills and bits with hexagonal shanks are included in the screwdriver set

Very often drills and bits with hexagonal shanks are included in the screwdriver set

Unlike the larger tool, the electric screwdrivers are often equipped with with a non-removable battery, placed in the product case. For charging, use a special unit power adapter , plugging into the outlet.

Screwdriver with charging adapter

Screwdriver with adapter for recharging

What in the end? If the owner has a good drill in his tool kit, and he only needs to mechanize the process with fasteners, the rechargeable screwdriver can become a very useful helper. In the convenience of this operation it surpasses the screwdriver, but it is considerably inferior to its functionality.

Electric Wrench Wrenches

Another is an tool type that is very similar to the with the screwdriver, and even in certain circumstances it can be used in its quality, but still has features directly related to its direct purpose.

If the work involves frequent operations with bolted connections, it is better to buy a wrench

If the work involves frequent operations with bolted connections, it is better to purchase the wrench

If the master has to use very often to mount or remove medium or large diameter threaded connections, then it is necessary to reduce drastically the operations using spannersthe productivity of their labor. A classic example is an assembled production assembly or, that is closer to private practice, auto repair or tire fitting workshops. In addition, in particular, when repairing machines, very often you have to deal with old, "sour" knots, which you can unscrew manually, even after processing with a special compound, is very difficult.

Output - application of percussion wrench .Its design is such that in addition to the usual rotational movement on the working part of the spindle, a special mechanism also transmits impulse actions with a certain frequency. In a word, these are the original " microdashes ", capable of stitching and unscrewing even very rusty nuts or bolts, without violating the integrity of the facets of their heads.

Most wrench have the usual "pistol" scheme, but can additionally be equipped with an detachable lateral handle for concentration of the clamping force when the connection is strained. Nevertheless, , there are also "direct" devices, with perpendicularly working head - for operations in hard-to-reach places.

Wrench with straight body

Straight-jaw wrench

Undoubtedly, this requires a special power of the drive - it usually lies in the range from 350 W for the smallest instruments and even up to 1300 W for professional-grade devices. The rotation speed here does not play a decisive role, and it usuallyis not large. But score achieves high torque, which even for the "weak" shock impact wrench is about 200 ÷ 300 N × m( compare, for example, with already considered battery screwdriver!), And in professional models, with an electric drive capacity of more than 1000 W, this figure can reach even 1000 H × m.

very similar is similar to with screwdrivers, but they are distinguished by the absence of a ring of maximum torque adjustment( "ratchet").The working tip of the spindle also differs - most often there is an adapter-square under the end heads. The sizes of the square for different models may differ - ½( most often for household-class models), ¾ or even 1-inch( for a professional powerful tool), and means , and the head sets should be purchased accordingly. Although, for this case there are special adapters.

Typically, nutrunners are equipped with a tetrahedron adapter for end heads

Typically, nutrunners are equipped with a tetrahedron adapter for

end heads. Some manufacturers immediately provide for an increased flexibility of the adapter. So, in the center of the spindle-square there can be a socket for insertion of standard hexagonal ¼ "- shank bits or drill bits .

A more universal model - the adapter is designed for heads, and for hexagonal bits

More versatile model - the adapter is designed for heads and hexagonal bits

But even this does not add the wrench universality. Its specific electromechanical characteristics are still "sharpened" for specific operations. The high torque, yes still and with impulse mode, can be absolutely superfluous and even harmful when working with materials that do not require excessive force. A low rotation speed may not be sufficient to perform drilling operations.

In a word, percussion wrench , if the specifics of the work of the mater assumes its frequent use, it will be a good addition to the screwdriver, but it is unlikely to completely replace it in the householder's arsenal.

Universal kit: drill-driver + screwdriver

Universal kit: drill-driver + wrench

By the way, many well-known manufacturers produce tool sets, in which includes both drill-driver , and percussion wrench , which work from one set of accumulators. Here it is really a universal set of .True, the cost of it is quite high, and such a purchase must be really justified.

Drill / Screwdrivers

This is the most common and most commonly purchased variety of similar tools, which has increased versatility.

The overwhelming majority of similar screwdrivers is made according to the basic "pistol" scheme.

"Классическая" компоновка дрели-шуруповерта

"Classical" drill / screwdriver layout

1 - case made of impact-resistant plastic( some models of professional class have an all-metal case).Inside there is an electric drive with control elements, a well thought-out air cooling system.

2 - pistol grip. In high-quality models has a rubberized lining, which prevents the slip of the tool in the hand of the worker, make the tool as convenient as possible.

3 - rechargeable battery with a locking mechanism in the handle. In most models it looks similar to the one shown in the figure. However, some modern screwdrivers are equipped with powerful batteries of compact type , which completely hide inside the handle, making working with tool more more comfortable.

4 - the button( trigger) trigger. Moving the trigger simultaneously smoothly adjusts the spindle speed of the screwdriver. Typically, the trigger is also covered with an overlay of rubber or soft plastic.

5 - the switch of a direction of rotation of a spindle( reverse).It is designed so that the switching process is as simple as possible - enough finger force.

6 - gearbox switch, which allows to change the operating modes of the tool - low speed with a large tightening force, or, conversely, the high-speed rotation necessary to perform drilling operations. This function is not implemented in all models.

7 - tool holder clamp - bit holder or drill bits .The design of the cartridge can be different. Some models are not equipped with a chuck - they have an hexagon socket ¼ inch for standard bit shanks or special drills .On the types of cartridges will be described below.

8 - clamping jaws of the cartridge.

9 - an indispensable element of any screwdriver - the mechanism of limiting the torque transmitted to the chuck. Usually, the - ratchet principle is used to ensure that when the specified torque is exceeded, the clutch slips with a characteristic sound. The number of positions of the torque setting can be different - from 5 ÷ 6 in inexpensive models to two dozen or more in professional tools. A drill mode is mandatory - when the rotation is transferred from the gearbox to the chuck without any torque limitations. This mode is indicated by the corresponding icon.

10 - the modern models screwdrivers in in are more often equipped with LED work area illumination system. The location of the LED may be different.

Thus, a similar type screwdriver is the most versatile, which predetermines its widest popularity among professionals and home masters.

What to look for when choosing screwdriver

When deciding on the purchase of a particular drill / screwdriver model, the future tool owner must clearly represent, for which purposes it needs, what operations it plans to perform and with which should be exploited. It is these preliminary " notes " that will become the base points when evaluating the characteristics of the proposed in the sale of devices.

Type of batteries and their characteristics

Start consideration is advisable exactly with "energy" screwdriver .No matter how wonderful the tool itself is, its performance depends directly on the batteries, the cost of which, incidentally, is always more than half the price of the complete set. For sure , many had to deal with the situation when the screwdriver itself is still fully functional, but the output from with the creates a lot of problems. It is not always possible to find a suitable replacement - many manufacturers do not put batteries separately, trying, apparently, thereby stimulating users to purchase a new kit.

The main characteristics of the batteries for screwdrivers are voltage and capacity.

  • The directly depends on the power of the drive and, correspondingly, the maximum torque that determines the functionality of the tool. So, screwdrivers with a battery voltage of 9.6 are most commonly found on the market;12;14.4 or 18 B. This , however, is not the limit - for powerful professional tools in the accumulate batteries for 20 or even more volts( flesh to 36). 9 volts still looks a bit small even for a household tool. The screwdriver , which is purchased for home use, will most likely be the "golden mean" of the - with 14.4V batteries.

By the way, one can find almost identical screwdrivers from one manufacturer, differing only in the supply voltage and, as the investigation, power indicators. But even in this case it should be understood that the batteries are not interchangeable - the drive is designed for a specific voltage, and exceeding it will cause the to fail.

Very similar models, but differing in characteristics of rechargeable batteries

Very similar models, but differing in the characteristics of the

  • batteries The capacity of the battery is measured in ampere hours( Ah or Ah - can be found as one or the other designation).Usually this indicator is indicated on the markings taken on the battery case, next to the voltage.
Typically, the battery body indicates the voltage and capacity

Usually on the battery case the voltage and capacity values ​​of the

are indicated. In fact, the capacity of the battery is a value indicating how long the instrument can last on one fully charged battery without recharging. Naturally, the larger this value, the less it will be for the to interrupt the work to replace the power and position the cells for recharging.

Usually for household screwdrivers , used by from time to time , it is enough indicator of capacity in 1,2 ÷ 2 Ah. For intensive use of this indicator will be not enough - you should look for kits with with battery capacity of 2 ÷ 3 Ah.

The performance of the batteries is directly dependent on their types. This issue requires closer examination.

  • Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Batteries( Ni-Cd )

Thanks to the low price, similar AKB remain leaders on mass use in power tools of middle class, in spite of the fact that they are replaced by with perfect batteries.

Надежные "рабочие лошадки": никель-кадмиевые аккумуляторы

Reliable "workhorses": nickel-cadmium batteries

Advantages of nickel-cadmium batteries are as follows:

  • Already mentioned low manufacturing cost.
  • High resistance to negative operating and storage temperatures.
  • The only existing ones, they are not afraid of absolutely complete discharge. Nickel-cadmium battery can be stored in a discharged form - and after that it will be fully restored after carrying out the correct charging.

The drawbacks they have are plenty:

  • The inability to achieve high specific capacity .The indicator in 2 Ah, at the best , will be already limiting.
  • Quite a small total life time - even high-quality Ni-Cd-battery rarely withstand more than 1000 charge-discharge cycles.
  • Such batteries are prone to self-discharge - with the infrequent operation of the , the can be faced with the fact that, it would seem, a fully charged battery from the storage of the sat , and can not cope with its task.
  • The most important " disease " of similar batteries is the "memory effect".It is inadmissible to charge the battery if it does not completely exhaust resource. The fact is that when the charge is received not from "0", the remaining charge level is still perceived by the device as a minimum value. Thus, the capacity of a fully charged battery is spontaneously reduced by the amount of the previously unloaded potential. It is required to discharge the battery in some other way( for example, by connecting a light bulb or a flashlight that comes in often), and then insert it into the charger. This is extremely inconvenient, especially in situations where it seems that the power of the instrument is already starting to be missed, and "hands themselves are stretching" to put the battery on charge.
  • Incorrect disposal of used nickel-cadmium batteries can cause damage to the environment.

Nevertheless, , nickel-cadmium and KB are reliable "workhorses", and are most often installed on a household class. In such conditions of exploitation, their qualities will be quite sufficient.

  • Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries( Ni-MN )

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are an attempt by battery designers to get rid of from the main drawbacks of Ni-Cd .But it is not possible to say with full responsibility that this is a good step.

Despite a number of advantages, special distribution of nickel-metal hydride batteries did not receive

Despite a number of advantages, special distribution of nickel-metal hydride batteries did not receive

Advantages of such batteries:

  • Their production and utilization are harmless to the environment.
  • High capacity charge, which can fully reach 3 Ah. And this together with the more compact dimensions of the battery itself. Accordingly, the specific power of the power supply is higher.
  • Negative memory effect is not so significant, one ako, to fully get rid of it failed.

Negative sides of similar accumulators:

  • Their price is significantly higher than that of nickel-cadmium .
  • The short duration of the "active life" of - , the number of recharging cycles rarely exceeds 500.
  • These batteries have a high self-discharge rate - the drop can be as high as 10% on the first day after full charge.
  • Battery performance drops sharply when working in a negative temperature environment.
  • It is inadmissible to store such batteries in a fully discharged state.

In a word, the high-power on the such batteries looks unjustified. It is better to purchase or more cheap running version - nickel-cadmium , or no longer stint and choose screwdriver with lithium-ion battery.

By the way, nickel-metal hydride batteries and have not received much development, and on sale tool kits with them are rare enough - because of the low demand for them.

  • Li-ion rechargeable batteries( Li - Ion )

These are the latest and, respectively, advanced batteries for stand-alone power tools.

The most modern, powerful and capacious - lithium-ion batteries

The most modern, powerful and capacious - lithium-ion batteries

Advantages of these batteries are as follows:

  • The memory effect is practically nonexistent, that is, you can recharge the battery at any degree of its discharge.
  • Among all other batteries, lithium-ion - maximum capacity capacity and specific power.
  • Charging speed is the highest.
  • But the effect of self-discharge is extremely weak. It is considered the norm that for a year of storage under normal conditions a quality lithium battery can lose no more than 20% of the charge.
  • The period of active life, the permissible number of charge cycles of such A KB of more than, or even more, than the analogous values ​​of nickel-cadmium .

There are several disadvantages:

  • High cost is a rather conventional drawback, as high performance indicators justify this.
  • The operating temperature range of lithium-ion batteries is quite wide, and their can use in the conditions of frost( although they lose some in their characteristics).But they will not take charge at negative temperatures.
  • It is absolutely unacceptable to completely discharge the battery - from "zero" it will not be charged. Manufacturers take this disadvantage into account, and equip their products with special built-in electronic circuits that will not allow full discharge. In addition, a very widespread trend is the equipping of batteries with charge level indicators - so it's easier to follow them with visual control.
Built-in battery indicator light

Built-in battery level indicator

When choosing the right model, it is best to purchase a kit that includes two batteries. So you can ensure the continuity of large-scale works - while one KB is on the screwdriver , the second gets charging. However, when using Ni-Cd batteries, it is always worthwhile to keep in mind the need to completely discharge them, so as not to cause a "memory effect".

Very often in the technical documentation of the product manufacturer indicates the average duration of charging of batteries - the less it is, the easier it will be to use the tool.

Well, those users, which do not want to communicate with the batteries, and of which does not frighten the power cord from the instrument, remains advise to buy a network model.

If you want, you can limit yourself to the network model of a screwdriver

If you want, you can limit yourself to the network model of the screwdriver

The performance of the tool does not suffer from this, but here's the convenience, of course, the is somewhat smaller .When you choose to pay attention only to the length of the cord - to its is sufficient for the specific conditions of the intended use.

Electromechanical qualities screwdriver

This category of indicators can be attributed to the capabilities of the electric drive and gear transmission mechanism( reducer).

  • A few words about the drive. In most models of a low price range, an old and proven brush collector circuit is used. Such engines are quite reliable , but still not devoid of shortcomings. And the main one is the considerable frictional forces in the place where the brushes fit to the sipes of the collector. Naturally, this is accompanied by a significant release of thermal energy, and the drive quickly heats up. In addition, it is not excluded sparking brushes on the collector, especially if the has to work in conditions of high humidity.

All these disadvantages is stripped of brushless engine with electronic control. The absence of an additional section of friction leads to a sharp increase in the productivity of the tool. So the . tests of similar models conducted by with completely identical power supplies showed that screwdriver with brushless engine performed almost three times as much as with a collector.

Бесщеточный и бескорпусной двигатель "DеWalt"

Brushless and open-body engine "DeWalt"

Some manufacturers( for example, DeWalt) decided to get rid of the engine body - all of its components are located directly in the body of the screwdriver. And this is not a trifle at all - a significant gain was obtained in the total mass of the instrument, which became much more convenient to work with.

So, if there is a choice between the conventional and brushless drive, it would be more reasonable for the to accept in favor of the latter. True, this affects the price of the instrument.

  • When choosing, it is necessary to clarify what materials the screwdriver is made of. On this mechanical unit the greatest loads fall out, and its quality predetermines the functionality and the total duration of the "life" of the entire instrument.
The metal gears of a planetary gearbox look preferable in terms of durability and wear resistance

Metal gears of planetary gearbox look preferable in terms of durability and wear resistance

It can not be said that plastic gears are substandard, but still they have less service life than good metal ones. A deformation of even one tooth on any of gears entails jamming or complete destruction of the whole kinematic scheme of the reducer. So the choice is better to do in favor of metal.

  • Characteristics of the rotational speed of the working spindle - they are always indicated in the product passport. To chase too high indicators, probably does not make sense to - for performing assembly and dismantling operations with fasteners with excess is enough 500 rpm, and for drilling wood or metal - about 1200 ÷ 1500 rpm. Higher speeds are inherent in the professional tool for performing specific operations, and at the household level are unlikely to be in demand.

The speed adjustment from of the zero to the maximum of the is performed by the by changing the pulling force of the trigger( key).For more comfortable execution of basic operations, you should choose screwdriver , which has the ability to switch the gearbox to high and low speed. Usually the switch is located on top of the case.

Normal location of the high-speed switch

Typical location of the

  • high-speed switch The maximum torque is an important characteristic that will be seen in the screwdriver functionality.

So, for work only with small fixture there is enough and 10 Nm, but it will be more likely an electric screwdriver. For the screwdriver to perform simple drilling operations, it is better to choose a model with a maximum force of at least 25 Nm. Accordingly, . in the case when more material is expected from the tool - for example, drilling wood with large diameter bits or metal, screw rt with crippling is selected with a torque of 36 Nm or more.

For many consumers, the torque values ​​expressed in the are Newton-meters .They can say little. Therefore, in technical documentation screwdrivers , the limiting diameters of drill bits, - separately for metal and woodworking are usually specified additionally. This will make it much easier to determine the choice.

  • Torque adjustment( tightening torque) - is available on almost all screwdrivers .As a rule, this is a rotating ring with marked scale - from the minimum value to the maximum used for drilling.

If the set force is exceeded, the is triggered by the stitch or slip clutch, and the excessive torque not the is transferred to the by the .

Switch for maximum tightening torque with scale applied

The maximum torque switch with the applied scale

The digits on the scale show only the sequence number of the specific switch position as the torque increases, but are in no way connected( as some inexperienced users erroneously) with the fastener diameters. The symbol of the drill stands for the maximum torque required to drill.

  • The switch of direction of rotation is on all, probably, models - without it screwdriver rt pr will cease to be such. Usually located above the start button( trigger).In some miniature screwdrivers ( by type of battery screwdriver) , two different keys can be provided - for direct and reversible spindle rotation.

Cartridge type

Most modern screwdrivers are equipped with quick-action chucks, which allow to change bits or drills with .

Quick-release chucks can be single- and double-clutch.

Two-clutch and one-way quick-action clamping chucks

Two-clutch and one-way quick-action chucks

In the double-clutch chuck, when installing and removing the tool, the lower clutch is held by hand, and the upper clamp is tightened or, conversely, released. With one-hull is still easier - the whole operation of is performed by with one-hand operation. However, in this case the screwdriver should be equipped with spindle lock function. Such a lock can be automatic, triggered when the rotation is stopped, or forced( there is a special button).

By the way, is mandatory when selecting screwdriver , it is necessary to clarify whether the tool has the option of forced spindle braking - when releasing the trigger, the rotation should immediately stop. Almost all modern tools are equipped with such a function, but if an outdated model, whose cartridge continues to rotate by inertia after a power failure, is not available, you should not purchase from its , as it will cause a lot of inconvenience.

Cam-operated cartridges, which require a special key for tightening, are rarely used with screwdrivers. The key has the property of forever disappearing somewhere during the operation, and the process of replacing the drill takes a lot of time and extra effort. However, , many masters include such a cartridge in their kit, since sometimes for drilling, requiring considerable effort, the force of the tightening of the socket can not be enough.

In some cases, it may be useful to use a conventional jaw chuck with a key

In some cases, it may be useful to use a conventional chuck with a key

If the choice is made with calculation for the minimum dimensions of screwdriver and with its primary use for screwing fasteners, you can buy the model and without a cartridge - with an adapter for a ¼ "hexagon.

On the right - a compact screwdriver with a removable cartridge, which has a hexagonal shank for a standard adapter

On the right - a compact screwdriver with a detachable cartridge that has a hexagonal shank for the standard adapter

In this case, if you need to make any small boring operations, you can use a small cartridge that has an adapted hexagon shank.

Additional selection criteria screwdriver

Many models of modern screwdrivers are equipped with additional useful functions.

  • Can be provided, in addition to rotational, still and impact force on the tool holder. This allows drilling holes in some building materials. Such screwdrivers have a switch of normal and shock modes of operation. It can be located either on the torque switching ring, or taken out separately.
The screwdriver can be equipped with a shock function

Screwdriver can be equipped with the

shock function. Many screwdrivers with shock function are equipped with an optional detachable lateral handle to accentuate the forward force when drilling.

Buying an like screwdriver, does still quite realistically imagine that it can cope with a brick wall or made by from some lightweight concrete( gas silicate).If it is required to drill holes in reinforced concrete structures, for example, in walls of or a panel house ceiling, it is better to have a perforator for such operations.

  • A great help in the work can be the presence of a pulse mode of the tool - similar to percussion wrench .This allows you to cope with the sour screwed connections or accurately chart the beginning of the approach of the drill in a dense material.

The activation of the pulse mode can be on the torque adjustment ring , or the can be executed as a separate push button, if necessary.

  • Additional convenience for work will be the presence of built-in lighting. LED "flashlight" can be located coaxially with the body, under the cartridge. However, as practice shows, this is not always convenient - the cartridge itself can obscure the work area.

Another location of the lantern is at the bottom of the pistol grip. The stream of light is directed in this case so that it completely illuminates the working area from the bottom.

Possible location of the built-in backlight

Possible location of the built-in lighting

The convenience of this or that lighting scheme can be appreciated when selecting a tool.

  • The most important criterion of choice is the mass, the balance of the instrument, the convenience of its location in the palm of your hand. If work is supposed to be done at altitude, then you should pay more attention to light compact models. And in t d For frequent drilling operations, the tool mass becomes even certain help in work.

But in any case, when evaluating the " pickup " screwdriver in the store, you should evaluate the location of the center of gravity of the tool - the offset forward or back gives the quick hand fatigue.

A very vulnerable place where corns can be stuffed

A very vulnerable place where corns of

can be stuffed. Experienced masters advise to estimate the place of transition from the handle to the trigger - it should be with a smooth transition at an obtuse angle. A rectangular or acute-angled transition will cause the to rapidly fatigue the middle finger in large-scale work, and can even cause callus formation on the on it .

  • The with the delivery kit is definitely evaluated.

- The kit must include a charger with a power cord. Modern " chargers " is a well thought out electronic circuit that will not allow overheating of the battery, it will automatically turn off when the upper charging limit is reached.

As mentioned above, do not purchase screwdriver, equipped with only one battery.- this is extremely inconvenient in the work.

- The kit may include a flashlight - as additional lighting during operation or as a device for the required complete discharge of nickel-cadmium batteries.

- Often screwdrivers are equipped with special straps or even holster covers for easy tool placement on the master belt when performing work at height.

A convenient holster for placing a screwdriver and a snap to it

Convenient holster for locating the screwdriver and accessories to it

- To the bits supplied and drill bits m m Many professionals are very skeptical, preferring to purchase the necessary types separately. However, the leading manufacturers equip their sets with equipment of a sufficiently high level. True, the specification may not always be sufficient, and the need for additional purchase often arises.

An example of a possible complete screwdriver "Bosch"

An example of a possible complete screwdriver "Bosch"

- Professional screwdrivers can additionally be equipped with replaceable gear units. An example is the model " FESTOL C15 " .

Screwdriver «FESTOOL C15» - model of increased versatility

Screwdriver "FESTOOL C15" - model of increased versatility

In addition to the adapter for hexagon bits, a quick-action chuck can be mounted on the tool. In addition, in the kit, the is equipped with a gear reducer, which allows drilling by twisting the fasteners at an angle of 90 °. Another it is a replaceable nozzle - it is an eccentric that transmits rotation to a drill bit or bits with a displacement from the axis of the screwdriver. Very convenient function for working in a corner, such that the body of a conventional tool does not allow to achieve perpendicular force application.

However, the AS on similar kits is very high.

Brands that you can trust

An important selection criterion should always be the manufacturer company and the availability in the specific region of the service of this brand.

  • Without any doubt, can purchase screwdrivers "Makita" - this company has always been the leader in the manufacture of power tools.
  • A wide range of models, it offers affordable "Bosch" .Regardless of screwdrivers, they all have the highest quality and reliability.
  • The tool "AEG" can not be called cheap , but it fully justifies the money invested in it.
  • Power tool nt br enda "DeWalt" is always distinguished by the most innovative developments in this field.
  • Screwdrivers "Metabo" , as a rule, are saturated with electronics, including regulating and the amount of torque.
  • brand tools "Hilti" is the high functionality of the , but still their price looks unreasonably high, despite the manufacturer's enticing guarantees.
  • There are a lot of demand and good reviews are given to the "Hitachi" , "Sparky" , "Skil" , available for screwdrivers.
  • Among domestic manufacturers in this series it is quite possible to put " Interskol ", "Caliber", "Zubr".Perhaps, according to the certain positions, they lose to the novelties of the world's leading manufacturers, but on reliability , service availability and price level are very attractive choice.

But to buy a "cat in a sack", under the unknown delirium, most often of Chinese production - this is certainly a "lottery".It is possible that such screwdriver and will serve a lot, and will fully cope with the tasks assigned to it. However, , in case of failure to rely on any technical support or guarantee - it is not necessary. Yes, and with spare parts for self-repair can be a big problem.

And at the end of the publication - very volumetric and cognitive video lecture for the selection of the optimal screwdriver .

Video: the right approach to choosing screwdriver