How to properly install a fence of slate?

Installation of a fence from slate: where to start?

Traditionally, at the beginning of the construction of the fence under the boring holes are drilled, but at the same time repelled from the dimensions of the acquired slate sheets. For the most convenient mounting of sheets, it is necessary to weld the frames from the corners in advance to the size of the fencing material. As a basis for the slate fence used metal pipes, concreting into the ground. It is not allowed to fix the material at ground level: there should be a ventilation grate at the bottom.

For the convenience of fixing the slate, it is necessary to make a frame, for this, horizontal slats from the proftrub or wood must be attached to the metal posts. The wooden beam can be fixed with screws, but for the proftrub you need fastening by welding.

On the surface of the ground, before installing the fence, it is necessary to create an even foundation for it. To do this, you can use a brick, and you can try to pour a foundation o

f concrete. This will increase the strength of the fence, and, therefore, it will last longer. Also for this purpose it is recommended to paint the fence with paint, designed specifically for slate.

At the final stage, the slate is fastened to the frame by means of nails or screws and its installation on the basis level.

How to properly install a fence of slate?

Advantages and disadvantages of

slate fencing Among the advantages of a slate fence, it can be noted:

  • longevity regardless of temperature fluctuations;
  • fire resistance, as the slate does not burn;
  • availability of material( excluding fastenings and mounting poles);
  • is easy to process. It can be easily washed, cleaned with a normal brush, and also dyed;
  • average level of sound insulation. This will save you from a lot of noise when it's raining or hail;
  • anti-corrosion properties, resistance to current.

How to properly install a fence of slate?

The main disadvantage of slate fencing is its fragility. It's enough of one blow to the surface to form a crack, and the fresh fence has deteriorated. That is why the installation of this type of fence is recommended in quiet, quiet places.

How to care for slate coating?

To permanently retain the slate coating, mechanical damage to the fence should be avoided. It is not recommended to put a fence in places where trees with fragile branches grow. A strong gust of wind is enough to break the integrity of the cover.

How to properly install a fence of slate?

Every six months, it is necessary to carry out measures for cleaning the slate fence: wash off contamination from the surface by means of an electric pump, and also clean them with a broom. In winter it is recommended to scrape ice and snow. Care of the fence of slate - a fairly simple task, which everyone will cope with. Therefore, it depends on you, how many will serve a fence of slate.