How to install a plastic fence in the country?

Features and benefits of plastic fences

Among the advantages of plastic as a material for fencing, the following can be named:

  • is not exposed to mold, fungus and moisture;
  • is resistant to corrosion;
  • is resistant to insects;

These qualities distinguish plastic from other materials, for example from metal and wood. In addition to all plastic is not oxidizable, does not support combustion processes, and also has a high percentage of flexural strength or fracture. The convenience of using plastic fences is that they do not need painting and are easily cleaned. Fences made of plastic withstand the same large temperature changes, so in the heat and frost your fence will be as new.

How to install a plastic fence in the country?

How to choose the right fence from plastic?

The plastic fence should be chosen according to the needs. This kind of fencing can be used as a variant of an additional decoration of the country plot, a kind of decorative element. Delivery of plastic fence takes place in a variety of c

onfigurations. In general, the differences are the appearance of the sections. They are solid, translucent, with various inserts or in the form of a lattice. In addition, the kit may include metal rails, which determine the strength of the structure.

How to install a plastic fence in the country?

Buy a fence of plastic now is not so difficult. On the market of building materials, you can see many different designs that meet the requirements of strength, durability and aesthetics.

Installation of plastic fencing on the

site The initial stage of installing the fencing made of plastic is to correctly and accurately mark the area. Stuck pegs or a stretched thread will allow to put an even fence, so start with this.

The location of the poles of plastic is indicated by indentations. Here it is important to observe the following dimensions: the depth is one third of the length of the column, the diameter of the hole is 25 cm. If there is a large wind load, it is necessary to drive in addition a rod of steel reinforcement into the interior of the pole. This will increase the strength of the structure.

The next stage is drainage masonry, in which quality gravel can be used. The drainage layer should not be more than 15 cm. This will be a kind of drainage system. Then, plastic columns are installed with cement mortar. The installation of poles ends with pouring concrete. It is important to ensure that there are no voids. After solidification of the concrete pouring, a plastic guardrail is installed. The owner of the plot at the last stage chooses a way how to decorate such a fence to make it unusual.

How to install a plastic fence in the country?