Rolling lawn - how to lay it and how to look after the lawn of your dreams

Launching a lawn

In a usual gardening, as a rule, only a few lawn grasses are used( five or six species, not more).In the event that this is a lawn, it needs cereals with root-bush shrinkage, a lot of shoots, and, moreover, capable of creating a density of at least 100 shoots per 10 cm2.Red fescue and bluegrass meadow have such possibilities. They are durable, winter-resistant( withstand frosts to -40 ° C), have a good ability to regenerate. It is them that experts recommend to create a fast lawn. Therefore, before buying a ready mature turf grown in a special nursery, be sure to find out what herbs it consists of. In this case, the technology of laying a roll lawn provides for several stages, which we will now consider.

In advertisements you can meet assurances that the lawn in rolls is the fastest and most effective way of planting a plot, especially on uneven terrain. In fact, this statement is true only in the sense that you will get a quick effect, in the rest - it is far from the truth. T

he site for laying a roll lawn needs to be prepared in the most careful way, as well as for sowing grass or for equipping a ground lawn.

Preparation of the site for laying the lawn roll

First of all, it is necessary to make the drainage system under the entire area of ​​the future lawn, especially if you have a heavy ground on the site, for example - clayey chernozem, loam. And it is necessary - to arrange a watering system, without this good lawn you will not get.

Then lay a few layers of gravel, gravel, sand and roll it with a lawn roller. It is better to entrust these two points to specialists who will evaluate the soil conditions of your site and conduct competent drainage so that in the future the grass feels comfortable.

It is rare to find exhaustive information on how to make a roll lawn in such a way that it has caught on. After all, if in the planned place the soil does not fit the characteristics of the turf in a roll, there is a danger that you will not get the lawn you dream of .Therefore, over the gravel and sand, it is necessary to lay a layer of soil mixture( not less than ten centimeters), consisting of soil, peat and sand in approximately equal proportions. Very carefully, this layer is leveled and rolled, so that later there are no air chambers that interfere with the development of greenery. And already before laying a roll lawn, you need to make complex mineral fertilizers.

Laying a lawn roll

You need to know exactly how to lay a lawn roll, especially if you do it yourself. Yes, and when stacking experts your knowledge will be useful to control the correctness of their actions. So, by the points.

1. We buy a green lawn and transport it to a site with a prepared and humid place for lawn. It is best if the lawn is cut and rolled directly with you - it needs to be laid fresh - the maximum allowed period is 1-2 days after cutting.

2. To understand how to lay a lawn roll, remember the brickwork. That's the same way and stylim stripes with a shift, trying not to leave even the slightest gap.

3. When the rolled lawn is already spread, the technology requires it to be rolled up with a lawn roller. Do it carefully, but carefully, and then be sure to water it.

4. For at least two weeks in a row, you should intensively water your new lawn every day. In this case the soil should be moistened at least 5 centimeters deep. For this purpose, even during the preparation of the site, we focused on the automatic irrigation system. If you do not have the opportunity to equip it, it is acceptable to use rubber hoses. In this case, the main hose is put on the tap, a plastic tube with two or three branches is inserted into it, onto which additional hoses are mounted. Already they are joined by sprinklers and placed on the lawn.

5. Lawn needs regular haircut, as well as hedges. The first time after laying it is done in one or two weeks, depending on the condition of the grass stand, and in the future - every 3-5 days, so that the lower stems receive enough sunlight. Sheared grass from the lawn needs to be cleaned immediately.

Useful tips for lawn care in rolls

  • As a rule, rolled lawns are laid from March to November. But still try to do this at least in early October, so that by winter the roots are well sprouted and, accordingly, the grass overwintered without great losses.
  • Do not leave tall grass for the winter. It is mowed in September - early October( depending on the region) to a height of about 6 centimeters.
  • In the spring of the lawn, nitrogen fertilizers are needed, which stimulate growth. In summer it is better to make complex, promote the formation of roots, which include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In mid-September, fertilize with phosphorus and potassium, without nitrogen. This will help your lawn to overwinter well.
  • In autumn, treat for fungal infections.
  • And, of course, constantly fight with weeds, remove the fallen leaves from the lawn, ensure proper watering.

Take care of your lawn, follow all the arrangements of the lawn and then you will get a beautiful courtyard, in which it is easy to breathe, it is pleasant to relax and receive guests!