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Photo wallpapers in a teenager's room or visually expand a small room

Design rooms with wallpapers

Photo wallpapers of the latest generation do not fade even in direct sunlight, they retain their excellent appearance for a long time, now there is almost no discrepancy in color and pattern between fragments. The interior of the room with photo wallpapers is capable of enthralling, because the choice of drawings is so wide that you can turn your shelter into a corner of Manhattan, a pine forest, a paradise corner of the ocean, painted with the setting sun, or a mountain waterfall.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, you can safely glue wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen. After all, they are created using not only paper, but also plastic, film and other modern materials. It is important only to choose the right thing that you need in a particular room.

Choosing wallpaper for a small room

Many theories have been created regarding how to visually expand the space. Designers offer a special selection of finishes, and the use of mirror

s, and a special arrangement of furniture. But in fact, the most effective method, confirming the postulate that all ingenious is simple - to choose the right wallpapers for a small room, and it will immediately become more spacious!

Plots that help visually add a footage include all images with perspective. Wall-papers that expand space, necessarily have a horizon line. It can be:

  • is a small ship that is still only aiming for the shore;
  • "moon track";
  • image of distant mountains.

If you prefer city landscapes, then you can use any subjects that go into the distance - narrow streets, wide avenues, small images of architectural monuments.

Another of the possibilities for expanding the space is decorating the room with wallpaper with flowers. But not just one large, as it is fashionable today, but a flower meadow or a landscape. The main thing is that the photographed terrain does not go up steeply, but go into the distance.

How to choose wallpapers in a teenager's room?

Beginning the repair, and having decided to paste the wallpaper into the teenager's room, do not forget to consult with him - in such an important matter, in no case can you rely solely on your taste. Teenagers are no longer children, and they try to prove their adulthood by all means. Therefore - give the choice of wallpaper to the adolescents themselves.

  • Most often, guys choose something that relates to the world of computer games, sports or cadres from their favorite movie. Sometimes - images of animals, especially - predatory. Quite often - landscapes of megacities. Do not put your ultimatums - let your teenager choose what is closer to him in spirit at the moment. In the end, you can paste wallpapers every month. This story will wear off - let him replace it with another.
  • Adolescent girls are closer to more tender and romantic stories. Even if she wants to see a kissing couple on the wall of her room against the background of a sea sunset, let him stick and admire. There are also wallpapers with various defile, frames from her favorite film. And you can do in general a nice picture in Photoshop - let the young hostess "participate" in the fashion show, or on a steep bike sit a nice guy.

Now many companies can make you wall-paper from any photo. Let your child have such a cool room design with wallpaper to order - for the joy of a teenager, and for envy friends and friends!