We get rid of mice in the house. Reviews about the most famous methods

Means from mice in the house

In total, there are two ways to get rid of rodents - the call of special services and independent struggle.

Means from mice in the house

  1. If there are many mice in the house, it is better to resort to the help of specialists. In their arsenal there are means from rodents, which once and for all will solve your problem. Usually such specialists use briquettes with poison or complete chemical treatment of the room. Disadvantages of this method is that it is quite expensive, and also unsafe. When harassing mice, toxic substances are used that can also have a negative impact on the health of animals and humans.
  2. Self-disposal of rodents usually involves the use of poisons. This is also unsafe for pets, but much cheaper.

Usage of ultrasound

We live in an age of innovative technologies, which touched and methods of getting rid of mice. Now there is one that emits ultrasonic waves, heard only by rodents. This device is the most humane means of getting rid of rodents

- under its influence the animal will simply leave your house.

Use of ultrasound

The principle of the modern means of mice is that it acts on hearing of rodents as an irritating factor with the help of low frequency waves. Reviews about the ultrasonic means are ambiguous - some he helped, and some do not. It depends on the quality of the device itself.

This method is suitable for those who feel sorry for the animals. You can install ultrasound from mice in any room, judging by the reviews, it is safe for humans.

Use of ultrasound

Now you can even download similar sounds and do without buying such a device. You can listen to the online ultrasound from the mice and at the same time check how this method is effective in fighting rodents.

Folk remedies

If you have pets, then the use of rat poison can be fraught with consequences. If a dog or cat tries poison, it may even die.

This is why people often try to get rid of rodents with the help of folk methods, tested for years. The most popular folk remedy for mice is the mousetrap. You can buy it, or you can make yourself a more humane option.

Folk remedies

Take the jar, to its bottom we attach a piece of cheese. We put the jar down with the neck, leaning its wall on the coin. When the mouse climbs for the cheese - the pot sinks. After catching a rodent, you can let go of it. However, this method is effective only if the house has 1 or 2 mice.

Folk remedies

A good folk remedy for mice in the house is black-robed. Its dried leaves and roots must be placed in a room under furniture and in corners. Where there is a black-skinned there is never any rodent.

Getting rid of bats

It happens that bats are located in a private house. Immediately the question arises, how to get rid of Hymenoptera creatures? However, it is worth considering that the neighborhood with them does not cause any harm to the person or the housekeeping.

Get rid of bats

In no case can glue or other poisons be used to dispose of bats. They can be driven out only mechanically, you can catch the individual with a large blanket and let go to the street. After catching all, you need to carefully repair all the cracks and holes in the house.