Inflatable pools for cottages - we save space on the site

What are the inflatable pools for dachas

Have you just bought or built a country house, and just finished landscaping the lawn in front of it? And do not forget about the pool? If you do not have it, and do not want to disturb the landscape design with the next excavation, do not change anything. Just buy an inflatable container for your entire family. There are several sizes of such water tanks - children's, family and adults only. At first the height of the sides rarely exceeds 50-60 centimeters, they can only splash. The diameter of such an inflatable tank is usually within 1.5-2 meters.

Pools for the whole family are designed for several people and the height of their walls can reach 70-80 centimeters, which allows you to plunge into the water and an adult if he sits down. But children who have already learned to stay on the water, can easily arrange small swings from the wall to the wall. Such an inflatable pool, rectangular or round, sometimes reaches 3 meters from side to side, and

the volume can exceed 3.5 thousand liters. And, finally, swimming pools designed for adults( but where well-fledged children are allowed), have beams up to 122 centimeters high. These are usually round or oval tanks( this form more easily holds a large mass of water), up to 16.5 thousand liters.

Inflatable pools are large - playgrounds for water games

To install a children's pool, a lot of time is not necessary, and the automatic pump is not necessary to buy, it is enough for a mechanical foot. But the inflatable pools are large to fill with air, pushing the foot on the pump pedal, you can not one hour. Imagine how long you will install an oval tank 12 long, and a width of 3.5 meters and a height of 122 centimeters. From morning till evening you have to pump air. Therefore, we buy a compressor and quickly inflate the camera.

The next difficulty is how to fill this capacity with water. Buckets carry water - all the pleasure from anticipation of bathing will be lost. So, we buy a water pump, or simply connect the hose to the nearest mixer in the house. But everything is ready for the swim, it only remains to dive. And a new problem - the height of the board is quite manageable for a tall man, but women and teenagers climb over an obstacle height of 122 centimeters in order to get into the water, and then get out of the water back - the task is not easy.

If you have a large inflatable pool, do not add any chemicals to the water, but when you are about to empty the tank, you can use water to irrigate the garden.

I need one more accessory - a ladder. There are many options for sale, but you need to choose exactly those that are designed for an inflatable pool for adults. That is, so that the bottom is not broken by the racks, and the height was sufficient, since a ladder with short supports will simply lie on the side, which threatens it with damage. Steps should not be slippery, it is desirable that the handrails were available, it will facilitate the way out of the water, when the forces after the swim is almost gone.

Small inflatable pool - can be put anywhere

Countryside sites are of different sizes, and not everywhere you can put a huge inflatable tank, with a diameter even within three meters. However, if desired, a family of two adults and one child can fit perfectly in a small inflatable pool for a house, even if the distance between the sides does not exceed one and a half meters. And such a small capacity can be installed almost anywhere, even on the veranda or outdoor terrace. And if you have a fairly spacious gazebo, you can install a pool there. If the floors on the verandah or in the gazebo are wooden, and you are afraid for their safety, just lay a special film to protect against water.

Than a small pool is convenient - it does not need to buy various accessories, like a ladder or an awning. After all, if a huge reservoir is not installed for one day, or even for a week, because of the complexity of its filling with air and water, then a bath for children can be inflated in a matter of minutes and also quickly release air from it. You need to fold both the smallest and the most extensive pools, after having dried them, and then blowing off the .At this last stage, having smeared with soap foam suspicious areas, you can identify damage and stick them with adhesive tape or a special plaster for rubber surfaces.