Playgrounds of plastic - what to buy and how to install?

What are children's playgrounds made of plastic?

The most difficult thing is to assemble the equipment for a children's playground from metal, this material requires a huge work experience, special locksmith tools and the ability to handle them. In addition, you may need a welding machine, as well as someone who knows how to make quality seams. From wood to collect different designs can be faster, and to work with sawn timber is more interesting, but time will also need a lot.

It's much easier to buy ready-made children's playgrounds made of plastic that can be installed even indoors, unlike other options. Made from food polymers, play complexes are divided into several types: entertaining, developing and semi-sporting .The first - this, of course, swings and carousels, on which you can absolutely mindlessly skate even all day long. Another thing - developing complexes, there are already provided various role games.

For example, if you install several plastic houses with children's fur

niture, the kids will be happy to play at their mother's daughters, a shop, a cafe, a hospital. As for the semi-sporting grounds, these are entire towns from climbing walls, various grids hanging from above, rope ladders, bridges and pipes between platforms at different levels, all kinds of lazes.

Plastic playgrounds - what to choose?

The simplest variant is a complex of a pair of arbors made in the form of small houses very similar to the real ones, only small ones, or in the form of magical turrets( other variants are also possible).Inside, you can put tables for mosaics or Lego designers, or place puppet sets with the appropriate decor, like a toy plate. But this is suitable for girls, boys need to climb somewhere, so they better collect at once a whole multilevel complex in the form of a ship, a locomotive or a fortress. Rails, gutters, pipes, loopholes - all this wealth, gathered in the playground, will attract the guys like a magnet.

When choosing a plastic entertainment center, be careful, it is advisable to buy products of well-known manufacturers, otherwise carefully inspect the modules for deformation, because of which the assembly will not be possible.

Than convenient plastic playgrounds, they can be easily modified, as they are assembled from separate modules. However, some sections are designed specifically for general development. For example, in the same house one of the walls can be a giant scores, which will help the kids play in the store. In the children's fortress between the platform supports on horizontally fixed metal rods the children can delight in finding rotating cubes with crosses and zeroches drawn on them, 3 or 4 on each axis. Pipes and transitions, as well as steps, are easily mounted and can be removed to make the ship become a castle.

Convenient plastic coating for playgrounds

Concrete and asphalt are more suitable for cities, in nature such coatings look inappropriate, although the need for them still holds, even for the laying of tracks. But for sites it is better to use something else, especially where you want to put a game town. Best of all, of course, a soft lawn, but if you do not want to permanently trim the grass, consider an option such as polymer slabs. To date, plastic cover for children's playgrounds allows you to quickly cover the area of ​​any size, due to the connecting elements of the spike with a groove.

Large enough, polymer modules will hide small irregularities, turning the site into an ideal place for active games. If we talk about environmental friendliness, then for such coatings only plastic that does not contain harmful substances, that is, food, is used. The special structure of the modules has drainage properties and does not retain moisture, allowing sedimentary waters to flow freely down to the ground.

At the same time, the upper synthetic layer is quite elastic, which provides additional safety to children in case of falls. Resistant to temperature changes, polymer coatings do not require dismantling for the winter season, and in case of repair, individual modules are easily replaced with .It is also important that tiles made of plastic do not burn out in the sun, and the whole palette of colors remains bright for many years. Adding a mosaic from such modules, you will get an excellent multi-colored base for gaming systems.