How to make an alpine slide - choose vegetation and stones

How to make an alpine slide - the basic elements of

Of all the listed forms of elements of landscape design, the alpine hill, known as an alpinarium, is admittedly the most decorative flower garden of all known. In most cases, the construction of an alpine slide is done on some natural elevation, even a cellar lining is quite suitable. For greater expressiveness, the background for it is desirable in the form of some trees or thick and tall bushes.

In the most general case, the creation of an alpine hill begins with excavation, namely, from digging pits to a depth of up to half a meter. To provide drainage in the pit, you can place a variety of construction debris: broken brick( preferably red-tempered), stones, pieces of plaster, etc. The earth taken out from a hole can be poured with a hill on which rocks of a rock garden are placed. Larger stones( boulders, etc.) are best placed closer to the top, and smaller ones - from below, at the base.

In addition to stones, the Alpine slide sch

eme can include the installation of all sorts of flowerers in the form of fragments of tuff, stumps or logs. As flowerers, it is possible to use scraps of thick-walled asbestos cement pipes, etc. Very original and natural on the rock garden look florists from foam.

You can also simply fill the space between the stones with a loose turf ground. Before planting plants in the rock garden, such land should be densely watered with abundant water from the hose.

We choose stones for the alpine hill

Separately it is necessary to consider stones for the Alpine hill. Specialists do not recommend the use of limestone, etc. It's better if it's granites and boulders. The choice of color combinations also depends on the tastes of the hosts. It is possible to use gradual color transitions from darker to light tones. The contrasting color combinations of stones look no worse.

However, in the question how to build the alpine hill , it should be taken into account that for plants that prefer siliceous and calcareous soils, river sand or gravel lime( fine) is poured into the rock gardens in the places of their planned planting. Accordingly, it is necessary to plan in advance how the plants in the flower garden will be located, what kinds of them will make up the vegetative part of the hill. It should not be forgotten that it is in the rock garden that the subtle balance of the components: stones and plants must be observed.

Creating an alpine slide - the order of arrangement of

It is the balance of the ratio of stones and plants that determines how to properly make the Alpine hill. The vegetative component of the composition includes creeping and undersized plants: bryozoans, snowdrops, crocuses, irises, thyme, arnica creeping, saxifrage, and the like. Such plants are recommended for planting in the lower part of the slides. Then, along the slopes of the hill, you should place a cobweb, mouse hyacinth, alpine bell, a short tulip, a mountain cornflower, a micro fern, etc.

Classic rock garden, the scheme of which is considered, in the upper part of the hill has a few bushes that complete the decoration. Alternatively, for this you can apply the briskness, more often called the spur, pions, petioled hydrangea, bush arnica, lupine, etc. The bushy plants on top of the hill can be replaced by curly ones. But in this version it will be better to install small trellis trellises or wire braces.

The rules recommended by the specialists of landscape design how to create an alpine hill, as hanging plants are defined as honeysuckle( fragrant honeysuckle), Thalmann honeysuckle, etc. Flowers of these plants are extremely fragrant, their smell becomes a real decoration of this flower garden. At its apex, hops or a tree-keeper are also quite suitable.

Since the rock garden is not the canonized form of the flower garden and is largely determined by the tastes of the hosts, you can find out how to make your own style on the Internet, how to make an alpine slide, a video with information about it will help you better understand your desires.