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Weight and dimensions of foam blocks for private or industrial construction

Depends on the size of the foam block

Judge for yourself, if the value of the foam block is, for example, 200x300x600 mm( and this is a fairly common option), he alone will be able to replace in the masonry from 13 to 15 bricks. And this is provided that the weight of the material under consideration, due to its porosity, is relatively small.

What determines the value of the foam block

The use of modern foam concrete blocks for the construction of a house or other structure instead of standard bricks allows, first, to shorten the time of all types of work, and secondly, to save the amount of cement or special adhesive solution with which they will be attached to each other. It is important to note that the size of the foam blocks can be different, and they need to be selected individually for each specific case. And the material density, which will be denoted by the Latin letter "D", will help you navigate in this situation.

Depending on the density, the strength of the foam blocks varies. Therefore, this parameter should

be paid special attention. And in addition, it is important to note that the parameters of foam blocks for the construction of houses( walls) and for the construction of partitions differ from each other. And naturally, this parameter must be taken into account in the selection process.

What determines the value of the foam block

How the price and size of the

foam block are related. By studying the market, it can be noted that prices for foam concrete blocks vary within certain limits. This is explained by many parameters of the materials in question, and not last place is the density and dimensions. And the sizes and the price of foam blocks for partitions significantly differ from the sizes and prices of foam concrete blocks intended for the erection of load-bearing walls. And, in addition, it is natural that the higher the density of the material, the higher will be its price.

How is the price and size of the foam block related?

Of course, if you choose a foam block by size, the price per piece may vary depending on other indicators. Even the financial policy of the store plays a role here, to the services of which you turn. Therefore, specify in advance what price for a particular species prevails in the market at the present time, and depending on this, decide where to buy the material you need.

What are the standard sizes of foam blocks for partitions and walls

In the modern market foam blocks for partitions and walls are presented in a fairly wide range. In this case, the standard dimensions of the first type constructions are 100x300x600 mm, and the second type constructions are 200x300x600 mm. And it is not surprising, because the blocks designed for the construction of walls, should be more durable, reliable and durable.

What are the standard sizes of foam blocks for partitions and walls

However, consumers are often interested in not only the size of the foam block, but also the weight. And this parameter depends directly on the density of the material. So, for example, for a wall block of D300 density, the standard weight will be 11.7 kg, and for the D1200 design - 47.5 kg. But the weight of the construction for the partitions, as well as the standard sizes of the partition walls, will be somewhat smaller. In particular, for the first case it will be 5.8 kg, and for the second case - 23.8 kg. Moreover, only some characteristics of the building elements under consideration are given - in fact, the wall and partition walls have other differences.

Do you want to get a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis building material? Then take into account that today you can see foam blocks of standard sizes in the photo. Take an interest in such images, and it will be easier for you to understand what a wall or partition block is, how much space it takes, how many standard bricks can replace. Well, information about the weight of the element will be important for the organization of the upcoming construction process.

What are the standard sizes of foam blocks for partitions and walls

By the way, not only the size of the foam block in the photo can be estimated, but also its other characteristics. In particular, this applies to the surface features of the material, which may be either smoother or more rough( depending on the method of manufacturing the unit).And of course, in the picture it's easy to see how the size of the partition block differs from the size of the wall block. So if you need to make it as clear as possible to understand the situation, do not refuse to view the photos.