The system of watering the garden - we trust the routine work of technology

Irrigation systems for villas - the choice of equipment

Not so long ago, summer residents resorted to the receipt of manual water dispersion, simply clamping the hole of the hose. The pleasure from this is not enough, efficiency too, but a lot of time is spent on it. Therefore, there are more convenient solutions for the even distribution of water throughout the site without human intervention.

The equipment is used not only in vegetable gardens, but also in football fields and in agriculture. Buying products for systems, it is important to initially decide for what purpose it will be used: in what areas, for what plants and so on.

Do not forget to consider the amount of your land, because when choosing a sprinkler it is very important, for each type of terrain you can pick up individual equipment. The duration of the use of tools will increase or fall from how the owner will take care of them, because the quality of work is directly dependent on the correct treatment.

Irrigation System -

Functionality There are two most common irrigation systems for dachas: pumps and automatic systems. If we talk about pumps, then for many people it is an opportunity to pour a vegetable garden quickly and efficiently. The shower allows each person to feel fresh after a day's work, and the right pump will not allow the plants to dry out.

It can not be called just an adaptation, it's a small garden technique, where with the help of devices it is much easier to irrigate large areas in the country. Automatic irrigation systems can be called a more modernized set of equipment.

Automation is used most often for watering in greenhouses, greenhouses, also suitable for open beds. Such a watering system will make your harvest tasty and useful. To date, the device can pour all kinds of herbal supplements, which will help the plants to ascend faster.

Manufacturers offer in addition electronics, which allows the management of the watering device, where the pipeline is brought to the surface. For example, a drop of water can be started by command.

Communicative system is carried out underground, on the surface there are only watering cans and irrigation systems. In order for the irrigation system in the garden to function correctly, it is important to have a powerful compressor that will create pressure.

Plot irrigation system - stages of

installation Beginning the installation, it is necessary to carry out three stages of work: design, installation and construction work and commissioning. The first stage for the system is design. It can be called the most important part and the basis of construction, just like in any engineering and construction industry.

The system of watering beds is based on the high-altitude plan of the site and dendroplane. It is important to take into account the available elevations. When the stage is coming to an end, a project appears in the hands of the owner, where all the data on which it is necessary to rely is described: the amount of equipment and materials, sprinklers, pumping equipment, as well as the cost of materials and installation and construction work.

The manual system is designed exclusively for the eyes, installed in the watering points, then only equals the installation angle or location. Automatic systems also have several sensors that are installed on the site and are able to measure the moisture content of the ground, sending them to the control unit. And the software will allow you to create your own watering schedule, humidity limits and other parameters.

At the second stage of the system, automatic irrigation of cottages is subject to installation and construction work. These include land works, as well as the assembly of the pipeline system in the finished trenches, then the connecting fittings are joined. It is important to observe the slope of the water supply systems, install the pump correctly and connect it to the source of moisture.

It is necessary to collect not only the pipes and the starting block, but also electricians, rotors and sprayers. It is best to use the scheme attached to the equipment, because it is always individual. But the basic rules are approximately the following: an electrician is laid in the ground by special pipes;It is better to connect all pipes together with fittings in order to avoid welding seams;pipes are best to take plastic, not metal;Rotors and sprayers should be placed evenly over the site so that there are no zones where water will fall into a double volume.

At the third stage, when commissioning is performed, it is necessary to identify all possible defects in installation and materials, and also to set up the starting circuit of the pumping equipment and rebuild the controller. Do not forget about the adjustment of the sector and the radius of irrigation. After some edits, everything is ready for use.