What are nozzles for fountains? Materials, popular forms of baits

Why you need a nozzle for a fountain

What we used to call a fountain - clouds of spray or calm flowing jets, directed spraying of water - this is all just the work of the nozzle for the fountain. It is she who forms a water game near an artificial reservoir.
It is intended to install a pump that supplies water under sufficient pressure to the spray gun or guide tubes. Depending on the shape and type of nozzles, pumps of different power are used. Aesthetic view of the fountain, they do not spoil, because they are hidden under water, and the noise of their work is completely muffled by the noise of falling water.

Garden Fountain

From which material to choose a nozzle for the fountain

There are not many common materials of nozzles for a fountain that would meet most requirements for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and at the same time were performed in an affordable price category. The most popular nozzles are:

  • Plastic. This is easily explained, given the almost complete disre
    gard for the destructive power of water and the lowest price category. Such devices, of course, are not able to make a quality cloud of spray or to throw water jets for several meters, but quite successfully cope with the ornamentation of country decorative fountains.
  • Steel or brass. An endless classics. Reliable, durable, do not require any special care. It is these nozzles that are used to equip most fountains in parks and city squares.
  • Aluminum bronze. Undoubtedly, the best option in terms of operational and anti-corrosion properties. Has a beautiful decorative function, due to the pronounced golden color. However, the price of such attachments is often unaffordable for home use.
    When choosing a nozzle for a home pond, try not to overdo it. Often garden fountains have rather modest dimensions. When choosing a sprayer, the direction and range of water spraying must be taken into account. It is important that the jets do not fly out of the water.

Range of incidence of jets

What forms of attachments are the most popular

Design fantasy is almost limitless, therefore it is impossible to describe all existing types of attachments in one article. We tried to choose the most original, popular and affordable for home use types.

  • Single sprayer. Quite simple nozzle, throwing one jet of water quite high at an angle of 20 degrees.
  • Ink sprayer. In this case, a column of water is thrown upwards, and afterwards it is divided into separate falling streams
  • . The spherical sphere and the hemisphere. They spray small sprays in exactly this form, which makes them somewhat reminiscent of the ripened dandelion of the
  • Tulip. This nozzle lifts the jets up in such a way that the water movement resembles a funnel. The nozzle creating several "tulips" is called the bouquet
  • Fish tail. Directed in one direction at slightly different angles of the nozzle, several water jets are thrown out simultaneously, which form something similar to the fishtail in the straightened
  • Bell. The nozzle is represented by one pipe, which is crowned by two discs, and water flows between them, falling off with a solid rounded loop. Very popular nozzle for small ponds
  • .Spreads the jets simultaneously up and in different directions and at the same time turns, as if twisting them
  • Ring. The nozzle is made in the form of a ring-shaped tube, on which the nozzles that discharge the
  • Tiffany jets are uniformly spaced. This nozzle looks like a joint bell and a fishtail

Nozzle Dome in operation

In fact, there are so many nozzles that it is not necessary to install in your garden what you have seen before. You can experiment and surprise the familiar with the unique pattern of water spray.