Choose and correctly use tile adhesive for swimming pools

Adhesive for pools - product features

Tile glue is used for facing various structures with high humidity due to the fact that it has water resistance, high adhesion, elasticity and frost resistance. Also its composition is resistant to chlorine and other substances that are used for cleaning and disinfection of water.

So, when choosing glue, you need to make sure that it is water resistant, has good resistance to chlorinated water and high adhesion. We advise you to use the glue of proven suppliers and not to save on quality.

But not only in the quality and characteristics of the purchased composition lies the secret of a good cladding. With glue special properties and treatment is required specific. In fact, you need to learn several rules.

Adhesive for the pool tile - the correct preparation

First you need to prepare the base for the tile, it must be firm, absolutely smooth, well cleaned of dirt, paint residues, grease stains, oils and, of course, dust.

After removing dust and other contaminants, sand the surface, eliminate the entire crumbling layer and large irregularities. If the surface is painted, it is necessary to completely remove all the paint from it. If the work is carried out outdoors, the surface prepared for work should be protected from rain or snow( from rain).

After the surface has been prepared, you can start preparing the solution. To do this, the dry mixture must be filled in the amount of water measured in advance, the water temperature should be at room temperature, for 1 kilogram of the mixture approximately 200-250 milliliters of water.

After that, the mixture is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained, the will take about two or three minutes if you use an electric mixer, as well as electric drills with dedicated nozzles.

Next, allow the solution to stand for about 5-10 minutes and mix again. The mixture should not last longer than 3 hours, during this time it must be in time to use, otherwise it will become unusable.

Adhesive for tiles in the pool - competent use of

The tile adhesive for the pool should be applied to the substrate using a smooth spatula and treated with a notched trowel. Depending on the size of the tile, the size of the trowel teeth is selected.

Tile is laid within 15-20 minutes from the moment of application of glue, by turning movements pushing it into the glue. It is important to apply the solution to the area that will be covered with tiles in ten minutes to avoid drying the solution. Work can be carried out at an air temperature of +5 to +30 ° C.

The glue with the tile dries out in a day, but it will fully grasp after three days. Stitches should be rubbed not earlier than a day after the work. They must be cleaned while laying the tiles. Do not forget to mix the mortar mixture constantly during work. Never add water to the ready-made glue solution.

Adhesive for tiles in the pool is consumed depending on the topography of the surface, which will serve as the basis for laying the tile, as well as the size of the teeth on the spatula and, of course, the tile itself. The average flow is about 2-4 kilograms per square meter, with a layer thickness of a millimeter.

Observe precautionary measures for when handling glue. Do not let the solution get into your eyes, if this happens, rinse them immediately with a large amount of water. Use rubber gloves when working.

Usually such glue is delivered in bags of 25 kilograms. Keep it in a room with low humidity. With the integrity of the packaging, the adhesive is kept exactly one year from the moment of its manufacture.