Fence from the euro-barrel: photo, reviews, prices.

We calculate the number of materials for the fence.

To calculate the number of materials you need to know:

  • length of fence
  • number of gates and gates
  • sum of gate lengths and gates

Count the number of posts:

number of posts = length of fence / 2.5( approx. Distance between poles)

excluding poles between gatesand wickets.

We calculate the number of fences:

For single-sided fasteners:

- number of ties = length of the fence /( 8( strut width) + 5( gap between the struts))

For fastening on both sides:

- number of strikethines = length of the fence/ 8 minus the length of the fence and the gates

Photo 1 - Calculated the number of fences on the fence

Fence posts from the profile pipe

The main several types of profile pipe for the construction of the fence.

For the thickness of the tube:

  • 60 for 60
  • 80 for 80

For wall thickness:

  • 2 mm
  • 4 mm

Photo 2 - Profile pipe diameter

Installing the posts

Step 1. Drilling the hole for setting the

post Drill the hole

to a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters, depending onfurther method of attachment.

Step 2. Clogging the post into the ground

Clogging the pole is done by a sledgehammer, to a depth of about 1 meter.

For stability, it is compacted with earth or covered with gravel.

Step 2. Alternative - Concreting

More expensive way.

Concreting of the hole occurs at a depth of freezing of the earth - 1-1.5 meters. The pole itself is deepened to a length of about 1 meter.

This method is more reliable and durable.

Picture 3 - Concreting of the pillar

Photo 4 - Securing the pillars

Installation of horizontal logs

After qualitative fastening of columns, we fix horizontal lags. The logs must be fixed in level and be strictly parallel to the ground surface.

The lugs are fastened in two places:

  • from above - about 50 cm from the top of the pipe
  • at the bottom - about 30 cm from the ground

2 ways of fixing the log:

  1. We weld the logs.
  2. We fasten galvanized lugs with bolts.

Photo 5 - fixing the lugs with bolts Photo 6 - Mounting the bottom lag by level Photo 7 - Mounting of the upper lag by level Picture 8 Photo 9 - Lug mounting with screwdriver Photo 10 Picture 11

We fasten the fence

We attach the fence to the assembled frame. The fence is fixed to 4 screws in color.2 self-tapping screws to each horizontally lag.

It takes about 5 minutes to install one flap with the correct technology. During the day, the brigade can install about 50 meters of fence from a metal picket fence.

Picture 12 - preparation of the pins for installation Photo 13 - Fitting the fence from the fence itself Photo 14 - Installation of the second row of fences Picture 15

Distance between the fence

The distance between the fender affects the degree of deafness of your fence.

The simplest and cheapest option is a fence from a metal fence with a step of 5 cm. With this gap, the yard and the house are very visible.

Further, the width of the gap is reduced by steps of 1 centimeter. The minimum clog with one-sided fasteners is 2 cm.

The most deaf fence is obtained with the two-way fastening fence with a step of 8 centimeters. With this option, the inner territory behind the fence is virtually not visible.

Photo 16 - Example of double-sided fastening of a metal fence to the fence Photo 17 - Example of double-sided fixation 2 Photo 18 - Example of double-sided fastening 3

Types of pins

There are several options for fences.

  1. With rolled and non-wound edge.
  2. Specially manufactured pins. Each of them is passed through the rolling machine
  3. . The strips are cut from a single sheet of corrugated sheet. This is a cheaper option. The edges are not worked and look neakuranto.

Types of dyeing

  1. Polymer one-sided
  2. Polymer double-sided
  3. Two-sided powder( same color on each side of the fence)

Fence height from the fence

Fence height from the fence - the second most important indicator of the final fence value from the euro trolley.

Examples of fence height for fence:

  • 1.5 meters
  • 1.8 meters
  • 2 meters

It is clear that with an average height of 1.70 a 1.5-meter high fence can not hide the routes of your journey through the site. If privacy is an important aspect for you, then the best choice is a fence from 2 meters high.

Price fence from a metal fence

Approximate prices for a picket fence, depending on the height:

1.5 meters - 1500 rubles

1.8 meters - 1650 rubles

2 meters - 1800 rubles.

Learn more about prices and sellers of metal fences in the appropriate section of our catalog.

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