How to plant a lawn - green your estate

How to plant a lawn - the tasks of such a covering and its types

Lawn allows to distinguish not only voluminous, but also vertical additions, for example, bushes, trees, flowers, and also to shade the coloring of plants. It reveals the perspective and allows you to narrow or expand the space of the garden. With its help, the owners have the opportunity to reduce air pollution, because the decor detects dirt and dust. In addition, the emerald color has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Before deciding how to sow the lawn, it is important to know about its varieties, which are many. Parterre is created when building architectural and landscape compositions in gardens that have a regular style. It can also be found in official residences and public institutions.

Ordinary lawns are located on a large number of objects - homesteads, cottages, country houses. This type of coating can withstand the optimal ratio of decorativeness and functionality. To the appearance of a rather h

igh requirements are put forward: the density of the cover, uniformity, as well as resistance to medium loads.

Garden and park species are used during the greening of public places - squares, parks. Before planting lawns, it is necessary to find large areas of cultural and natural objects and forest parks. Meadow lawn does not require special attention.

How to sow lawn preparation

Certainly, this type of covering has its drawbacks and advantages. For example, the main plus of a meadow lawn is the need for mowing only once a month, which poses no problem. And it is easier to do this than for the usual country boughs that are often present on the site. The grass is softer and more supple for a haircut.

If we talk about the shortage, then such a coating will not "withstand" a constant load, for example, if it is trampled. So, how to sow a lawn, it's up to you, but it's better to choose places that perform a decorative function. True, and there it will be impossible to protect him, for example, from a dog who is free to wander around the site where she wants.

When deciding to start a lawn, it is important to clear the area of ​​garbage beforehand, and also to get rid of vegetation( shrubs, grass).Covering is best to equip on an empty lot in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance. If there are many stones in the soil on the site of the future lawn, then the largest ones should be removed.

How to plant a lawn - the sequence of works

The first stage of mastering how to properly plant a lawn involves selecting seeds and preparing the soil, after which the planting is carried out. It is performed either independently or using a seeder. Seeds must be mixed with the soil in various proportions and sown both vertically and horizontally.

Watering is preferably done with an automatic drip device, in which case the moisture will be distributed evenly, and the seed position will not be changed. In the first season is not recommended to walk on the lawn, because the grass will be still young and fragile.

This applies not only to people, but also to animals, which will simply break the structure of the coating, without even implying a misstep.

When asked about how to properly sow the lawn, experts are responsible for the importance of caring for it after sowing. After all, it's the constant haircut, mowing to the right length and watering that will help to realize what was planned. It is necessary to shear not more than a third of the entire length of the plant, this will improve the appearance and will not damage the general condition.

If we talk about the problems arising during the research, how to sow the lawn, then it can be frostbite cover if the grass will be under the snow for a long time. After this, you will have to restore the crop. Top-dressing occurs in the spring with a predominance of nitrogen, and in the fall - phosphorus-potassium components. Watering after fertilizing is mandatory.