Design a small bedroom: you never dreamed of

Small bedrooms: color solutions in design and interior

We can not unequivocally designate the overall dimensions of the concept of "small bedroom", the design of which we intend to discuss. Such a phrase for living quarters of our fellow citizens for some reason is most often associated with hruschevkami, although in any type of apartment, the bedroom has the same footage and the same problems with the interior and decoration. The design of a small bedroom is a multifaceted topic, so we will focus only on three aspects. Design a small bedroom: you never dreamed of

A man spends almost a third of his life in a dream, but sees the place where he falls asleep and wakes up, at most an hour a day. And this hour should be cozy, joyful and comfortable. Psychologists and designers have already worked hard on the choice of favorable color combinations for small rooms, so we simply generalize them and add our recommendations for the design of a small bedroom in this component.

  • Dark shades visually narrow and without that a small space,
    but with a certain design fantasy and the presence of mirrors sometimes work fine for the interior in the style of minimalism, which is clearly visible in the photo of the design of a small bedroom in this performance.
  • The tone of the walls should be smoothed into the pastel zone, muffled. Bright, aggressive colors in the design of a small bedroom are unlikely to contribute to a pleasant bliss and relaxation before going to bed.
  • Special attention can be paid to the design and finish of the ceiling, as the bedroom is the place where you most often see it. Complex designs( even white) are reasonable to do in the presence of high ceilings. Design a small bedroom: you never dreamed of
  • When repairing a small bedroom and choosing its design, remember which color you like best, find a close non-bright shade of decoration materials for the walls, and use them safely in the arrangement. Green can be pushed into olive tone, yellow is closer to ocher, etc.

The role of lighting in the design of a small bedroom

Light in the interior of any room plays an important role, and in the bedroom and at all becomes an element of psychological relaxation. The right choice of fixtures and equip the window openings - the second most important task of the design of a small bedroom. Design a small bedroom: you never dreamed of

  • Artificial lighting. We turn it on before going to sleep, when the body is ready to relax, and eyes are still looking around. The bright upper light, sophisticated lighting fixtures annoy. It is necessary to relieve tension, so the diffuse lighting in the design of a small bedroom as seen in the photo will be most appropriate. Cozy sconces with warm light complete the picture, creating the illusion of privacy.
  • Natural light. In this issue, not everything is clear, but we adhere to the following point of view. Lay the body in bed in a relaxing atmosphere, and raise it cheerful and cheerful. For this, in the design of a small bedroom, there should be provided such windows, which in the mornings would delight you with the blossoming of a new day and even a modest sleeping room, which you see in the photo, would seem huge.

Materials for repair of a small bedroom

At night, a sleeping person is defenseless in the face of any aggression, only nature can protect it. Conclusion: a minimum of synthetics;choose for the arrangement of your bedroom exclusively( as far as your wallet allows) natural materials. Classic version of the design of a small bedroom you see in the photo.

  • Gender. Ideal option - piece parquet, but in a room with a small patency engineering parquet board will also last a very long time. In the photo you can notice that the bedside mat of a cheerful coloring will complete the picture.
  • Walls. The best solution is textile wallpaper. If expensive, choose high-quality paper, but vinyl and flesiline is better to exclude. Textured plaster for painting will also allow overlapping and breathing. Design a small bedroom: you never dreamed of
  • Furniture. It is worth once to fork out and buy a bedroom set from a wooden array. The choice is huge, so you can always get into the style of your small bedroom design, but you will not be sleeping on formaldehyde-impregnated pressed sawdust, but practically in the forest.

The naturalness of other decorative and functional elements in the interior, of course, is desirable, but the room does not have a significant effect on the atmosphere.