Advantages of installing brick fences

Properties of brick fences

Brick fences are not recommended in regions with high humidity, where crude weather prevails. Otherwise, the construction of such a fence will suffer from an excess of moisture. The condition of the brick structure will remain in good condition when installing a fence in a region with a dry and temperate climate. In this case, the fence of brickwork does not require any care, that is, they do not need to be cleaned and painted.

Brick fences are put mainly for the sake of property safety and such constructions are distributed today among wealthy owners of suburban areas. The construction of brick fences is a kind of "fortress", through which no soul can penetrate. Of course, in this case, you need to install a high fence, for example, 3.5 meters.

Modern designs of installation of fences made of bricks provide for the combination of various materials in order to provide the best protection and present designs with aesthetic appeal. So, on top of a brick fence, m

etal superstructures are mounted, which is itself a defense. Also, these elements are able to give the fence an interesting look, as you can pick up a pattern.

Fence made of texture bricks

How much does a brick fence cost?

The cost of fencing from a brick will vary depending on what kind of quality you choose material for masonry. In addition, the cost depends on the laying of bricks. You can hire a specialist who will fulfill all the requirements, and you can try to make a fence on your own.

The second option is not only beneficial in terms of cost savings, if all goes well, you will be proud of yourself.

The most important element in brick fencing is brick, so you need to think well before giving money. For the construction of a fence it is important to choose a facing brick. It has so many variants of execution that it is suitable for arranging a suburban area for any style. You can buy a flat or torn brick, textured brick. You can even pick up a brick of a certain color. The main thing in choosing a brick is to stay at an attractive and at the same time respectable material.

Methods of laying bricks

There are two ways of brickwork:

  • method of homogeneous dressing;
  • a way of "wild dressing".

In the first case, the vertical seam of the bottom bricks should be located exactly in the center of the upper brick. As a result, you will get a beautiful, geometrically restrained surface with a smooth alternation of seams.

Method of brick laying "homogeneous dressing"

Masonry brick is made much faster using the method of dressing. Here it is not necessary that the brick be closed with a mid-seam between the two lower ones. This is a kind of disorderly masonry, which from the outside may not seem very attractive.