New Year's interior of the apartment 2016. How to create

Do you want to bring the coming of the new year closer and switch from working problems to waiting for the main holiday? So, it's time to do New Year's interior in your apartment. These pleasant efforts will unite you with your relatives and allow you to plunge into the magical atmosphere today.

New Year

New Year's interior of the apartment 2016. Photo

Holiday lighting of the apartment for the new year

Modern garlands are distinguished by a variety of colors and light bulbs and are available in the form of flexible ribbons or bright neon cords. With such a variety, the main criterion for their selection should be safety, so before buying, be sure to check the integrity of the cord and the performance of all lamps.

You can decorate the lighting in the New Year's interior of the 2016 apartment with decorative candles and small electric flashlights, Bengal lights and festive themed lamps.

Decorative candles for the new year Decorative candlestic<div><script async src="//"></script>
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Decorative candlestick for the new year. Photo

Where and how to hang a garland for the new year

Use the garland not only to illuminate the Christmas tree: with its help you can decorate doorways and window frames, creating a magical atmosphere, or lay out of a flexible neon cord fancy figures on the ceiling and walls.

New Year decor of apartment 2016

New Year's decor of the apartment 2016. Photo

With the advent of water resistant models with LED lamps on the market, it became possible to organize festive lighting and the New Year's interior 2016 even in the bathroom!

It is for this reason that it is recommended to place electric lighting equipment as high as possible, choosing places in which children or pets can not touch them.

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For reliable fixing of a garland several methods and materials are used: glue and special hooks, double-sided scotch and fishing line, loops of threads and wire, fixed on carnations. Traces of glue and other substances after the holiday are easily removed with wet napkins or glass cleaners and will not spoil the New Year's interior of the apartment, but you do not have to worry about how tightly your festive illumination is fixed, and guests and young children will not burn themselves with hot lamps.

How to create a New Year's interior

Do you want the memories after the main night of the year not to be limited to a lush tree and the smell of tangerines? Long before the holiday, think about how you can diversify the New Year's interior of the apartment and make it original and attractive.

Symbol of the new year 2016 with their own hands. A photo

Symbol of the new year 2016 with your own hands. Photo by

Symbol of the coming year is considered a monkey, so the more brilliant and bright jewelry you use, the better! It is believed that you can appease this restless little creature by placing small candles around the apartment and fixing festive garlands on the walls. Among Christmas-tree toys, you should prefer large classical balls of gold shades.


Also in the New Year's interior of apartments 2016 must be present figures of monkeys. It can be statuettes or soft toys, decorative candlesticks or homemade compositions of sweets, twigs, tinsel.

Decorations for New Year's interior 2016 with their own hands

An important part of preparing for the main holiday of the year is the decor of the apartment or house. This process equally takes and pleases both adults and children, helping them to feel the atmosphere of the approaching magic night.
Ideas for the New Year's interior of the apartment can be scooped from design magazines and master classes on the Internet or independently come up and make jewelry.


With the help of accessories, the familiar home environment can be made magical and romantic. And for this, it is not necessary to buy expensive designer jewelry and figurines. To soften the bright light of the lamps you will be helped by candles placed on a table, mantel shelf, window sills. Instead of candlesticks, transparent containers filled with colorful sand or sea salt crystals or glasses of water( for floating candles) can be used.


A classic New Year's decoration of the house are snowflakes, which can be purchased in the store or made independently, using foil, cardboard for bright colors or corrugated paper. They can not only be glued on the glass, but also hung on the Christmas tree, attached to chandeliers and lamps, or decorate them with a festive table.

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In addition to a large natural tree, you can create several more small trees with your own hands. To do this, you can use multi-colored thread, corrugated paper or tinsel, wrapped around a cone-shaped frame, put candy in the shape of a Christmas tree or make fabric models that look great in decorating bottles with champagne or become cute souvenirs for your guests. Original compositions can be created from fir branches and cones, placing them on a table. Pleasant holiday shine such "Christmas trees" will give a special silver spray, which is easily applied to any surface of the can.

It is known that the very process of fantasizing over the New Year's interior significantly enhances the mood and seems to bring the long-awaited holiday closer! Making jewelry for the house on your own, you get the opportunity to work with children with creativity and magic, spending time on shopping trips and buying standard accessories.

How to decorate a tree in 2106

Adherents of the classics can decorate it with light snowflakes and hang candy and fruit, use shiny tinsel and colorful glass beads.

Among the new trends in decoration of Christmas trees and interior for the new year 2016 can be noted the refusal of brightly dressed trees, which, however, does not mean that the jewelry should be small. Rather, we should pay more attention to the harmony of the entire composition and the combination of the shades of all the accessories that are used on the tree. However, adherents of eastern astrology can depart from this rule, because the monkey, as is known, loves shiny and bright things.


How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2016.Photo

To decorate the top of the tree, you can buy porcelain figurines of angels or the symbol of the coming year, abandoning the traditional red star.

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Given the growing interest in hand made products, on the eve of the new year, you can, together with children and adults, make Christmas decorations: paint glass or plastic balls, sew animal figures from multi-colored fabrics or make bumps from improvised materials. Family photos in this New Year's interior of the apartment will turn out to be truly magical and will occupy a central place in your album.

How to decorate the Christmas tree in previous years

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2016.A photo interior_novigod_foto18 interior_novigod_foto17 interior_novigod_foto16 interior_novigod_foto10 interior_novigod_foto