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Production of arbolitic blocks. How to make arbolitic blocks with your own hands?

Advantages of arbolitic blocks

Another name for the material is sawdust concrete blocks. They embody the fine qualities, among which the cheapness of production technology, which ultimately affects the cost of building the entire house. The thermal insulation properties of the blocks contribute to the retention of heat in the house. In addition, arbolitic blocks can be manufactured even by non-professionals due to the ease of production. Durable, strong and fireproof material - it's all about the sawdust concrete blocks.

Appearance of the arbolitic block

How to make arbolite blocks: technology

Arbolitic blocks can be made at home. True, there is one drawback of fabricating material under such conditions - you can not prepare a large quantity of it.
The first step is to prepare all the components of the future material. Then take care of the preparation of the basis. And at the last stage, pour the composition into the molds to get ready blocks.

Composition of the arbolitic block

Basis for arbolite production

It is necessary to prepare well-dried sawdust and shavings, observing the proportions one to one. Complete drying of these components takes place within three or four months and is accompanied by treatment with a lime solution with periodic inverting.

What is added to the sawdust?

To the main component - sawdust add:

  • aluminum sulphate and calcium;
  • the slaked lime;
  • liquid glass in a soluble composition;
  • 400 brand of Portland cement;
  • calcium chlorine.

These additives should be 4% of the total cement mass. They contribute to the fact that the material receives the properties of refractoriness, plasticity, and also resistance to rotting processes.

The technology of creating the arbolitic blocks

The parameters of the blocks are 25x25x50 centimeters, that's why they are easy to manufacture and later to lay. As for the casting process, it consists in the fact that the arbolitic mixture fills the blocks in three layers. After each layer, tap a wooden hammer with a sheathed seal for sealing. By means of a ruler, remove the excess, and then wait for a day holding the mold. Thus it is necessary to observe a temperature mode +18 degrees Celsius.

After a day, the blocks are removed from the mold by means of small tapping. They are piled on a flat surface and wait for a full curing two days, and dried for ten days.

Forms for arbolitic blocks

Equipment for creating arbolitic blocks

In order to create arbolitic blocks with their own hands, you need to acquire a wide variety of equipment, and how it depends on the volume of production, as well as on raw materials. Often, for the creation of such blocks, the remains of a coniferous tree are taken. To grind them, you need a special chipper or a hammer mill. Such a device as a vibrating table separates parts of the bark and earth from the wood.

Arbolitic blocks

Arbolitic mixture is produced on mortar mixers with blades or cyclic forced mixers. To transport the finished mixture directly to the forms, special conveyors are needed.