How to choose a lawnmower - getting to know the types of machinery

What are lawn mowers?

In most cases, the owner of the dacha is required not only to undermine the vegetation on the lawn in front of the house, but also competently to care for the grass lawn. And, more often than not, this is an expensive hobby, because the grass is sown in a special way, carefully germinated, and, of course, then requires a trembling care, until confidently rooted.

After all the preparatory and rehabilitating activities, such a lawn is a smooth, well-groomed area with a grass cover, followed by constant care. Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that it is the lawnmower that has the primary role in conducting a number of works to maintain order on the site.

Basically, a lawnmower is a special mechanism designed to work on the care of the grass cover. Thanks to the support of three or four wheels, it is possible to set the height of the cut, which makes it possible to obtain a perfectly flat grass surface.

How to choose a lawn mower - basic parameter
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In most models, the grass is cut using a knife with three, and sometimes four, blades that rotate parallel to the surface. On what does the cutting width depend, and how to choose the lawn mower correctly? The width of one pass of the unit is directly dependent on the length of the knives. The longer the cutting segment, the higher its productivity.

The next indicator, which must be taken into account when choosing a lawn mower, is the height of the grass cut. Best of all, if the device mechanism provides a multi-level adjustment knife height. In some models, for this, there are special handles installed on each wheel. In the latest samples, a centralized setting of the cutoff level is provided, which is quite convenient with frequent changes of adjustments.

Next, we will look at what kinds of mowers are, and what are the differences. The first models of lawnmowers were mostly hand-driven. Due to their simplicity, they have a number of advantages:

  • is almost noiseless;
  • does not require fuel for them;
  • hand-held cylindrical mowers mow the grass no worse than other models.

The only drawback of hand mowers is that they need to be physically applied for their work.

Mechanical types of lawn mowers

To date, most of the lawn mowers have an electric drive .The popularity of such models is caused by the production of new lighter samples. Various types of lawn mowers with electric motors are not very expensive and are great for cutting small lawns. Unlike gasoline counterparts such machines are quite low-noise and unpretentious in handling. The only limitation is the length of the power cable, which basically does not exceed 60 meters.

Therefore, the cutting of large areas with electric mowers is quite difficult. When deciding which to choose a lawnmower, it is worth paying attention to the models that work on the battery. Their performance is in no way inferior to the previous models, they are just as quiet, and, in addition, in the work are not limited to the length of the cable. The following model range includes the units with gasoline engines.

They are much heavier and more expensive than electric ones, but their main advantage is the drive autonomy. They do not require a long cable for their operation, and they do not need a battery. In recent years, the self-propelled lawn mowers have been on sale for cutting large lawns with an area of ​​at least 0.5 hectares.

The most popular among them are the mechanisms based on mini tractors equipped with a rotary mower. Even from this small list of basic types, it is difficult to determine which lawnmower is better. Everything depends on the preferences of the owner of the villa, its financial capabilities and the area of ​​the infield.