Garden border - landscape design in action

What is a garden border and why put it on the site?

Used a curb to decorate the garden and park paths, as well as for the arrangement of yard areas. You can find products of different shapes, which are selected, based on the general style of design of the park or site. Polymer materials are most often used for manufacturing such elements, so the strength and durability of these decorative products is not questioned.

The presented elements can be divided into different types: plastic, brick, metal, wooden, as well as curbs of marble, granite, stone. Interesting are fences from plants, that is, a small height hedge, as well as a special tape.

The original option is the garden curb of the country( wooden).It is used to distinguish beds, lawns, flower beds. At the same time, the landscape is changing to a large extent. Usually it is made of plastic and due to its properties it can not be destroyed by sunlight.

The advantage of this element is the flexibility and strength of fixation in

the ground. It is capable of giving an aesthetic look to the terrain on which it is used. In this case, the material is durable and resistant to damage, and can serve as an alternative to the old reinforced concrete curbs.

Installation of a garden curb - plastic and metal

However, each type of presented products has its own peculiarities of use. For example, the garden ribbon-border is a thin plastic tape that can be used in a rock garden, a flower garden, for processing lawns, paths, flowerbeds. Due to its properties, this element can be used in different conditions( resistance to frost, temperature drop, moisture, sunlight).

Garden Plastic Border well performs its functions and is suitable for framing tracks with a variety of coating materials. He will not let the path fall apart, and the grass will germinate. The product is quite invisible, so you can use it in the design of completely different styles. Plastic products last for a long time, they are simply mounted and are easy to use. Elements are anchored using anchor pins, so there is no need to dig trenches and concrete the border.

Moreover, due to its plasticity, plastic elements can form completely different shapes of lines.

Curbs for a garden of metal is perfectly used for tracks strewn with rubble. They are best for setting up a garden in a minimalist style. Elements perform remarkably well with their functions, but any metal sooner or later undergoes corrosion. Metal products must be buried in the soil to a depth of about 15 cm.

. A wooden garden border - wood and stone.

. The decorative garden border made of wood is used mainly for decorating countryside. However, the main disadvantage of the tree is that it can be rotted and damaged by insects, so it must first be treated with antiseptics and other protective compounds.

Installation of a garden border made of bricks is used if the tracks are laid with paving stones or stone. Basically, the bricks are dug into the soil in the form of teeth, but under the influence of natural conditions, the brick is quickly destroyed, so it is better to use it for indoor greenhouses or winter gardens.

Laying a garden border made of marble or granite is done where paving stones or stone are used to form the tracks. Such elements are very durable and durable, while they manage their decorative and functional tasks perfectly.