Decorative reinforced concrete fence at the dacha: installation( photo, video)

Pros of sectional reinforced concrete fences

Why do people choose for ferroconcrete fences for more than a decade now? Consider the advantages that similar sections have.

  1. They are absolutely safe. Such a fence will withstand the attempt of dismantling, hammering, collision with a car without serious damage. He will not fall on the people who have been around and protect the house or dacha from the penetration of unwanted "guests."
  2. Durability. He will serve until you get bored.
  3. Reinforced concrete fences do not require care. Correctly installed sections do not need to be repaired, dyed( unless you want to change their color), treat them from pests.
  4. Ease of installation. Sectional reinforced concrete fences are sold in the form of a finished designer, where each part is immediately ready for installation.
  5. Original appearance. Plasticity of the material in its raw form allows you to create all kinds of design. In addition, in the construction market are represented w / w fenc
    es in a variety of color solutions.

Qualitatively installed reinforced concrete fence

How to install reinforced concrete fence with your own hands

The best process for installing a reinforced concrete fence is shown on the video in the adjacent tab

. If you have a clear text instruction with a photo, here are recommendations for installing a reinforced concrete decorative fence in the form of step by step instructions.

Step 1. We make the marking

First we need to calculate and mark the location of the supports for the sections of the decorative fence. At the corners of the site pegs are installed, a thread is stretched between them, allowing to preserve the exact geometricity. The standard width of the plate is 2 m( check with the manufacturer or take measurements for yourself).It is with this step and it will be necessary to establish support.

Marking for fence installation

Step 2. Installation of supports for reinforced concrete fence

With the previously installed step, drill the holes in the ground with a significantly wider support. The depth is below the freezing level of the soil. Usually this diameter is 0.2 m and the depth is about 1 m.

A crumb of about 10 cm is poured onto the bottom of the hole, watered and thoroughly scrapped with crowbar.

Only after this, the support pipes are installed clearly vertically( check with a plumb or level), and the space around them in the hole is filled with crushed stone. The pebbles are again compacted tightly, and then they are poured with enough liquid concrete to flow between the rubble without forming voids.

Please note! You can start assembling the fence sections only after the concrete has completely dried out.

Step 3. Assembling the sections of the reinforced concrete decorative fence

There are grooves in the fence posts, and on the sections - the corresponding projecting parts. If the pillars-supports are installed correctly, then assembling the sections is absolutely not difficult.

Start with the corner part of the fence. Place the first panel between the two supports, then the second panel. Joints of supports and sections fasten with concrete.

After it is necessary to install in the same way two panels in the next step space, and so on two sections to mount on all perimeter. Only after that you can install two more panels along the entire perimeter - only so there will not be any distortions and displacements. The action is continued until the fence is leveled to the required height.

Installing sections

Here, actually, and all the work on installing a decorative reinforced concrete fence in the country. It is worth noting that you do not need to risk starting to install the sections yourself, but it's better to take advantage of someone's help.