Fence on screw piles: installation rules

Advantages of fences on screw piles

One of the most convenient types of screw supports is a square profile. In this version, there are all the advantages of screw piles. They can be installed:

  • on any soil: loams, peat bogs, soil with groundwater;
  • on different slopes and reliefs;
  • in any season in any weather.

Fence on screw piles: installation rules

Among the pluses is also a long service guarantee and easy installation. Screw piles are metal pipes that have a cast or welded tip, which, when the support is installed, is screwed into the ground.

takes about 30 minutes. The installation of reliable poles will take no more than 2 days, but they will last at least 50 years.

Fence on screw piles: installation rules

Pros of square screw posts:

  • simplified welding process thanks to the geometry of the post;
  • additional stability, attached by four stiffeners;
  • easy immersion of the support to the required depth due to screw blades with a ripper.

It is possible to mount a fence from different materials onto the screw support.

The choice depends on personal preferences. The fence on the screw piles will last for a long time, what is its most important advantage.

Fence on screw pillars:

varieties The most commonly used materials for building a fence on screw piles are:

  • welded sections;
  • wood;
  • profiled sheeting

The best material for erecting a fence is the corrugated board. It guarantees durability, protection from dust and wind. His advantage is also that he does not need constant care.

Fence on screw piles: installation rules

Wooden fences are beautiful, but short-lived. Welded fences have a good value and interesting design. The installation of the fence from these materials becomes simple and quick with the use of screw posts.

Fence on screw piles: installation rules

Installation of fences on screw columns

At the initial stage, we take measurements and mark out the territory necessary for fencing. With the help of a stretched rope or special devices, we form the linearity of the fence. After that, calculate the number of columns, which will depend on the selected step( 2 or 3 meters).When choosing the step, we take into account the soil and the appearance of the fence itself.

Next step: using a hand drill, drilling under the pole is performed. Again, the depth of drilling depends on the type of soil. Then a pole is inserted into the hole by putting on it a hand-held wrencer. It will help to produce the post screwing. Verticality of the column can be controlled by means of a magnetic level, which is fixed to the pole. For the rigidity of installing a screw pile, it is necessary to fill the hole with crushed stone and sand. For maximum confidence in strength, you can also pour the installation with concrete.

After installing the pole on the brackets, mount the lugs from the profile. For this you need to prepare screws and a screwdriver. Finally, on the logs hang a fence of any material, whether it is a corrugated sheet, a tree or a grid. Screw fence is ready! It remains to praise yourself and enjoy the beautiful view!