Mangal with own hands

Place for brick brazier

First of all, let's define the place. Since we are going to make the barbecue ourselves stationary, then we should take into account some factors:

  • it needs to be located at a safe distance from residential buildings and green spaces, but not too far from the dining area;
  • be sure to equip the mangal canopy with your own hands to protect the focus from rain and wind.

Brazier: drawings, dimensions, configuration

The second important factor for the construction of a street oven is its design. You can draw a sketch by hand or make a professional drawing. It will help when laying bricks not only to adhere to the chosen design, but also to calculate the approximate consumption of materials.

When designing a brazier, it is necessary to provide places where dry firewood will be stored and a compartment for spent ash will be located. It would be good to make fasteners on which you can hang such devices as skewers, grilles, etc.

Brazier: drawings, dimensions, configuration

The main parameter for this design is the height, it is usually done from the calculation of the distance from the floor to the wrist of the person. The length of the internal furnace is approximately one meter. With such dimensions, you can immediately prepare a sufficient number of portions of meat strung on the skewers.

If you make oven equipment with dimensions of 1400 x 590 mm, then you will need about 300 pieces of bricks.

Stationary BBQ with their own hands

Before the start of construction, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. First of all, it concerns the choice of brick, since the brazier will be open all year round. When it is used in cold weather, the structure will periodically undergo a sharp temperature drop. Therefore, a special refractory brick is needed for these purposes. For masonry it is better to use the classic composition of a solution of clay and sand.

The process of manufacturing a street oven

For any structure made of bricks, a solid foundation is needed:

  1. Therefore, first of all, the swath of the pit for the foundation of the stationary barbecue, the approximate dimensions of which will be: width - 1.6 m, length - 0.8 mand a depth of 0.6 m.
  2. Pour a dry layer of sand on the bottom of the pit with a thickness of approximately 0.2 m.
  3. Now we make the formwork from moisture resistant plywood.
  4. For the reinforcement of the foundation we use any old wire, thin metal plates and rods.
  5. Fill all with cement mortar with a layer equal to 0.15 m.
  6. To get a good waterproofing, put a piece of roofing felt or special film on the ready frozen foundation.
  7. Now you can lay a brick on this prepared foundation. Do not forget, through 2-3 layers to lay a thin metal lattice or a grid. Such a technique will increase the strength of the structure. Be sure to check the walls level and plumb line for horizontal and vertical lines.
  8. After laying six to seven rows, make a ceiling. Finish the structure with a masonry in three bricks. In the last rows, gaps are necessary to ensure access of oxygen to the burning site.
  9. The base and the pipe itself can be cut from cellular concrete.
  10. Be sure to make the floor of the stove in front of the outdoor oven.

The process of manufacturing a street oven

The obtained masonry, decorate with decorative stone or simply plaster. The construction can be completed with table tops made of wood or natural stone. Make cupboards for dishes, equip the structure with a canopy.

All wooden parts must be treated with an antiseptic. Do not forget that the design is operated outdoors.