Haircut hedgehog, or gardener as a hairdresser

Haircut hedge, which should be feared

On the site, the trimmed shrubs should be decorated in the same style, otherwise there can be no talk of any beauty. If, for example, half of the hedge is trimmed by waves, some part - by the Kremlin battlements, and another piece of living wall is executed in steps, it will already look somehow tasteless. In any case, many will get the impression that the site owner could not decide on the choice of the green fence. But, even choosing a style, you still need to work on it correctly. In particular, if the plants were planted recently, cutting a hedge more often than once a year is unacceptable to , it is necessary to give the bush time to grow and grow stronger. Already after two or three years you can get haircuts up to 3 times a year, in order to constantly maintain the form given to the bushes.

While the bush branches have not gained thickness and strength, they can be cut with a conventional pruner or with garden scissors. But when the diameter of

the branches exceeds one and a half centimeters, the blades of the scissors will only become dull, incidentally traumatizing the branches, splitting them at the cutting site. When cutting thick branches, electric scissors and brush cutter can help, but in exceptionally difficult cases, when the branching of the bush is already similar to the tree branch, and the chainsaw. The main thing is that the tool for cutting green is always sharply sharpened, otherwise the fibers of the cut branches will be soiled, which in the future will affect the development of the fence.

Pruning hedges for shaping

It is rare for anyone who has a hedge at the dacha to bend and loop along the border, most often a fence of this kind is planted in a straight line or along an arc. In order to continue this way, it is necessary to cut short the young shoots growing from the main trunk of the bush, cutting them off in time. Well, an even line of bushes is supported by a haircut on a tight twine, or by a specially installed bright wire frame for hedges.

Pruning of shrubs is performed in different ways, depending on the desired result, but always in the next season after planting. Moreover, while the plant is young, pruning it is carried out for half the length of the branches, and the crown of strong bushes, the period of intensive growth which has already passed, can be cut off only by one third .Take the example of a spring planting, in this case the hedge trim is performed only in the autumn, when the plants are already growing. Cropping bushes, do not forget about the shape of the fence and try to keep it. Like trimming, the formation of a live fence is performed to increase the density of the crown. To ensure that it does not expand only upwards, it is necessary to follow one rule: the height of the fence must be much greater than its width. In this case, the twigs at the base will receive as much solar heat as at the top of the bush, which means that a thick crown will be provided along the entire height of the fence.

Fencing for hedge - support and rejuvenation

Regular cutting of bush shoots is at the same time and care for it. How? Just during pruning, first of all, old branches, the weakest and most affected by pests, are removed, as a result of which the bush directs all its resources to food only of healthy and young branches. Such preventive care for hedges should be permanent, and not only during regular pruning. We saw that some twig began to dry or suspicious spots appeared on the leaves - a clap of the secateurs and the bush is healthy again.

Periodic decoration of a hedge with a haircut can also serve as its rejuvenation. It happens that, despite all your efforts, the hedge begins to lose its decorativeness. To solve the problem, they usually perform a deep cut.

The green fence should be trimmed according to a clear pattern: in the first year the shrub is cut to a depth of 10 cm from the trunk on one side, next year the same procedure is performed on the other side. In this case, both during rejuvenating trimming, and with regular haircuts, it is recommended to water the hedge more abundantly, and organic fertilizers and peat should be applied to its base, covering the ground with mown grass or, if possible, the old bark of trees.

The hedge can become a decoration of the site, it is only necessary to show a little imagination and apply a little effort.