Landscaping the yard - that will be happy kids!

Landscaping of the courtyard within the metropolis of

What distinguishes the courtyard of a multi-storey building from a site with a private or small apartment house? For the most part, a huge number of cars that stay overnight in the yard. And sometimes children for games are given a very small area of ​​the public territory, and under the beds and other plantings there is no place left. Organize sabotage in the form of deflated wheels and scratches on the hood for this is not necessary, it is enough to ensure the gardening of the yard in the place where cars usually stand. Someone will say that this will not become an obstacle to parking, but we do not want anyone to interfere in anything. Let them put cars on the lawn, and we will take care that nothing happens with the lawn.

. How can we protect the lawn from car protectors? Only by applying a lawn grate when creating it. It is made in the form of small cells( the dimensions differ depending on the material of the grid, there are up to 85 mi

llimeters), the walls are capable of withstanding loads up to 1200 tons per square meter .

There are lawn grills made of concrete, plastic, the latter can be either ordinary, requiring the creation of a carrier layer, or made using technology Tte. In the latter case, the grid, which has a powerful system of horizontal connection, does not need a bearing mineral layer and serves as a drainage system.

It is best to lay lawn grills in separate areas. The fact is that after falling asleep in the soil, sowing seeds and watering them, it is necessary to wait for up to three weeks until the grass on the lawn grows and gets stronger. It is logical that motorists will not wait for such a long time if they put all the part of the yard immediately under the parking lot. Therefore, we begin to lay the bars in the square for no more than parking two cars, that is, about 22.5 square meters. The technology of laying is simple: only gratings of ТТЕ are laid directly on the fertile soil, and ordinary ones require lifting the soil to a depth of up to 15 centimeters, after which fine rubble is laid over the whole area, and a geotextile canvas is laid over it. The next layer is sand, which is carefully tamped. And in the end put in an even array of lawn grills, which are filled with a recently removed layer of soil. We water, plant seeds of lawn grass, water again. Now, with regular watering, the lawn will completely form in 3 weeks , after which it will be possible to proceed to the next section. Each sector of the lawn grate is best limited to curb stones to exclude leaching of the soil.

Landscaping the countryside of the countryside of

If you became a happy owner of a land plot in nature, do not turn it into a piece of the city, such a familiar and such( for someone) cozy. Think about your health and the happiness of your children, whom today a trip to the bosom of nature seems like an extraordinary adventure. Make them all( and their own, too) life. And for this you do not need to limit yourself to the benefits of civilization, you just need to preserve the primordial nature of your site, and if necessary, improve it, contributing to the gardening of the yard area.

First of all, delineate the notion of weeds and wildflowers. It's nice to have a small lawn with camomiles and bells on your site. But when the thistle and the quinoa are everywhere, this, of course, is worthless. Therefore, to begin landscaping should begin with the replacement of weeds by a neat lawn, roll or seed, is not important. By the way, roll lawn is not as fast as sowing seeds of , but, on the other hand, care for grass grown from seeds planted with love is much more pleasant for the soul.

Landscaping of courtyards of multi-family and private houses

Planting of hedges and tree seedlings passes the same way, no matter where it is - in the courtyard of an apartment building or on a private plot of land. The only difference is that the country plot can be planted entirely, using both the vertical landscaping of the territory without restrictions and planting a hedge to divide the garden into certain zones( coniferous grove, orchard, berry plot).In the courtyard of the apartment building, you should find a place for a playground, and sometimes for parking cars, and for playing ball and badminton, and for rollerblading or biking. As for the parking lot, we have already decided, the lawn grilles will provide a beautiful green area. But the rest of the improvement and greening of the yard depends entirely on the ratio of asphalt area and free land.

So, on the plot of an apartment building we determine how much land is allocated for our creativity. Now you can go in two ways - strictly delineate the asphalt and green zone or vice versa, try to encroach a bit on the asphalt. In the first case it will be necessary to erect a curb along the border of the planted area, the role of which can be successfully played by a hedge and trellises with climbing plants( vertical gardening is even preferable, especially if in the form of arches).By the way, using vines, try to control their growth, especially if nearby you were planted with trees. In the second case, asphalt can be placed either concrete vases filled with earth and planted with flowers or even small shrubs, the root system of which does not develop too much, displacing the soil. You can also afford modular gardening by placing pyramids from containers with a special substrate( it can be planted as curly or simple ornamental plants) on the asphalt canvas.

Such landscaping of courtyard territories will create a pleasant contrast with the rest of the city and will breathe fresh air in the shade of green spaces.