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Photo wallpapers on the door, the magic of illusion in the service of a designer

Photo on the door as a spectacular design element

A long corridor or a spacious hallway is not so important, most importantly, it is here that doors from most rooms come out( communicating rooms, this is a special conversation), and just here you can create your own picture gallery. Let's make the accent, the doors will be the basis for it. Today there is a huge number of photo wallpapers of the so-called door format, the sizes of which are, for the most part, 86x220 centimeters. There are other formats, for example, divided into two parts wallpaper 86x215, 97x220, 95x227, 86x210 and 91x254 centimeters. But, the sizes are not important, after all it is possible to make the personal order in any studio of polygraphy , and you will have linens of the necessary sizes.

As for the gallery itself, the choice is obviously rich. The fact is that many manufacturers produce photo wallpapers on the door with fragments of famous canvases by fine artists. Alas, there is hardly a picture that resembles

a door in its form, that is, it is extended upwards and extremely narrow. Unless Japanese artists preferred this format. Although, with fragments of your gallery of paintings, which will be presented wallpapers in the corridor, it will look fabulous, especially if you harmoniously pick up reproductions. And the picture is not the only option for the doors to change beyond recognition.

Photo wall - the art of disguise

If you have a door leading from the hall to the bedroom or from the bedroom to the office, and you want to make the entrance to the adjacent room not so obvious, you can try to disguise it under something else. Of course, some people find a fairly simple way out, hung the doors with curtains( velvet, for example) with a claim to luxury, but it is the curtain that pulls the hand in the first place. After all, I want to see what's behind it. It is much better to create on the door the illusion of a completely different subject of the situation, and the best option is a closet.

Perhaps, it will be difficult to distinguish the door in the bedroom if it has wall-papers that depict a niche with shelves on which books and vases or folded items are placed. And in the hall the built-in bookcase will look more than natural, and it will not be immediately possible to guess that these are wall-paper doors. Particularly successful acquisition will be three-dimensional wallpaper, which are completely indistinguishable from the built-in interior, if, for example, imitate the cabinet. Looking at them, you get the impression that behind the glass there are various statuettes, discs or collections of stamps.

Illusion of wallpaper will be destroyed only after you see fixed shadows from objects, and your own shadow, lying on the "glass", and not on the shelves behind it.

Passage to another world

Recently, photo walls that depict the doors to some picturesque corners of our planet, or even unknown, fantastic worlds have become very fashionable. And after such a canvas is pasted, even a closed door will look like a passage to an unknown distance. For example, you have a pantry, a very small room. A bit of glue, half an hour of work, and now instead of the standard door in front of you a passage to the beach, over which hung in the sky a few huge multi-colored moons. And how do you like this magical portal, shimmering with different colors and leading to a beautiful valley with a real fortress above it? Or maybe you prefer to go to the gallery of your own family castle?

However, with the help of such a simple trick as pasted wallpaper on the door with a perspective, you can also significantly expand( only visually, of course, no more) his home. Instead of steps to the meadow stretching somewhere below, or a forest trail, you can paste wallpaper with an image, for example, of another corridor with many doors, or a library in which the shelves leave only a narrow passage that leads to the dark distance. You can make and a bit of humor .It will be interesting to watch every day on the door a low gate to the stall, because of which the horse looks at you in natural growth. Very impressive will be a wallpaper with a picture of the corridor along which the water shaft rushes to you( this effect may tickle the guests a bit).

Any option chosen by you will transform not only the doors, but also the premises, bringing in them an atmosphere of romance and a bit of magic.