Vertical landscaping of the garden with a small plot area

Vertical landscaping of the garden from the entrance of

. How would you plan your holiday plot? Probably, to some extent it depends on what kind of house you have built or so far only planned. Beautiful if not a luxurious mansion with a presentable front door would be appropriate to look closer to the entrance to the site, so that immediately get on the porch, and then into the living room. But a modest house or time can not pretend to have such an attitude towards oneself and therefore often hide in the depths of the garden. Since such small buildings are the most frequent phenomenon, we will start from them, especially since the owner of the mansion can quite afford landscape designers and not suffer from improvement of the site.

So, between the house and the gate( gate) is a small garden, divided into two parts by a fairly wide path. What form is the vertical gardening of the suburban area appropriate here? To begin with, you can change the fence by pulling a metal net into a human growth or

even higher and letting the blackberry shoots along it. The prickly fence will be a reliable guard for your site and a source of wonderful berries, with due care, of course. You can grow stumpy roses along the fence, but they are not curly, but rely on , and therefore they do not need cables or a net, but all kinds of irregularities and pegs. The gate itself, and the gates, too, can be turned into a green arch, erecting it and pairs of narrow trellis, connected by several parallel arches on top. However, why limit one arch, let's build a real alley from such arches to the very house. Passing under the arches, you can admire their interlacing plants, and in between - look around the garden. If you connect the arches on top of the lattice, they will turn into one long pergola.

Vertical landscaping in the country - we divide the garden into sectors

If you read books about the jungle, remember for sure that everything there is completely covered with lianas and already 5 meters ahead there is nothing to see because of the greenery. The same mysterious can become your garden, if you divide it into sectors and distinguish them with trellises with climbing plants. Suppose that from the main track, above which we have already installed arches, several lateral ones depart. In such places above the beginning of the side path, you can install additional arches, and on either side of them trellises, so that while you can not step on the branching track, you will not see where it leads. Well, if you make these trails snake in the garden, and you also have to set up trellises before the turns, you will get many mysterious turns that open up new views on flower beds and groups of fruit trees. Well, small lanterns, and garden benches at the tapestry will complement the beauty of your garden.

Vertical landscaping at the cottage can also be used to mask the economic part. It is enough to make a small gate in the archway on the path leading to the farmyard, and completely protect the territory with household buildings with trellises with dense green walls.

They can grow vines or Chinese magnolia vine, in general, any plant that will provide excellent landscaping of the site and will give you another and excellent harvest.

Vertical landscaping of the suburban area with fertile varieties

Since we have a relatively small dacha, planting it with ornamental plants - there is little sense, it is much better if, apart from aesthetic, our gardening will bring some material benefit. For example, if you are fond of home brewing, why not plant on the site different varieties of hops , which will give a passing shadow over the tracks. And the vineyard on pergolas near the house not only forms cozy pavilions, but also will give you a huge quantity of sweet refreshing berries. Chinese magnolia vine, mentioned above, fructifies with delicious berries, which have a remarkable tonic quality, and the vertical gardening of the garden with his participation will be a very good decision. In the taiga hunters could all day be on the road and tirelessly make their way along the animal paths, having in their pocket only a handful of lemon grasses. Actinidia colomicta, although not considered a berry plant, gives, however, very tasty fruit, from which you can brew jam.

You can use a wide variety of plants for gardening. Separately it is worth mentioning the dogrose, which although it is a bush, and not a curly plant, but in vertical gardening can be used quite successfully, if you apply the same technology to it as to the trees formed by the trellis. A powerful wall of dog rose, very prickly and at the same time giving useful fruits will be an excellent way to separate the economic territory from the recreation area. Well, if you still want more beauty, a scrawny rose can be the best option for you. Especially if you consider that the rose petals can become the basis for fine light house wine.

In general, the main thing is to have enough materials for trellises and pergolas, and the choice of climbing plants can be individual for each dacha, because much depends on the climate.