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Lincruste and its application in the interior

Application lincrusta in the interior

As already mentioned, is used lincrusta in the interior for the decoration of walls. This creates absolutely stunning, beautiful and noble coverings. The material combines classical design, environmental safety and durability. No covering for the walls yet had such a deep embossing and did not have such majestic beauty.

The lincrusta wallpaper was produced for the first time in Britain in the middle of the 19th century and was immediately applied with success to the decoration of many palaces, estates and castles. Remarkable is the fact that over time this coating becomes only stronger. This is the testimony of surviving examples of linkrust that have been lying for more than 100 years. Production of this material is still carried out by the oldest technology with the use of natural components.

Available lincrusta in rolls, as well as typical wallpaper. In addition to high strength, the material also has a high plasticity and perfectly preserves

the relief. That's why these wallpapers will be used successfully to cover uneven grounds. In addition, lincrusta type wallpaper withstands significant temperature changes, and environmental cleanliness makes it possible to use them for premises in which allergies are located.

Sticker linrusta

Just as with conventional wallpapering, start the work from the preparation of the substrate. First remove the old coating( paint, wallpaper, plaster).Next, the surface is leveled, primed, plastered. Also it must be cleaned of all sorts of spots and grease. Porous surfaces are primed with special primers. After the base is prepared, proceed to prepare the glue. At the same time, the best wallpaper glue is Sem-Murale or PVA.

At the second stage, it is customary to cut the wallpaper on a firm and level surface. The length of one canvas should be greater than the height of the walls by 3-5 centimeters. Be sure to use a square to cut the edges so that the edges are even. They are glued by their "butt" method, so it's important to know how to glue the wallpaper back and forth. But this is nothing difficult, just a matter of skill. On the side that is glued at the top, make a serial number. On the sides of the canvas there are marker lines. It is for them to cut off technological "tides".

Attention: the features of applying glue! After cutting, each cloth is laid face down and moistened with warm water with a special cloth or sponge. Wallpapers must absorb the amount of moisture they need. So, they are left for 20-30 minutes. The field of this procedure they increase in size by 1-2 centimeters. Then apply glue. The wallpaper is drying for about 24 hours.

Painting wallpaper lincrusta

Usually after the lincrusta wallpaper is usually painted, but not always. Paints can be used at the same time, but many manufacturers recommend using oil paints or acrylic enamels. The painting process is carried out only after the coating dries completely. Colors can be all kinds, depends on the overall color scheme in the interior.

On convex relief faces often apply golden or silvery shades of wax paste and gently blur out with your own hands( especially when creating a classic interior).Dry the paint for several hours. After the completion of all work, this coating allows wet cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth. Sometimes you can use solutions that do not have to retain abrasive components and solvent.