Sectional fence for a summer residence: kinds, the instruction on installation on video

Types of sectional fences for the country section of

Let's consider the main types of fences made of ready mounted sections, as well as their characteristic features.

  • Sectional fence of rabitsa. It is made very simply: a frame of the correct form is welded from the metal corner, and a mesh is welded to it. Such sections are hung on ordinary pillars-supports and serve for many years, without requiring care or any additional expenditure. Even damaged areas can easily be replaced due to the simplicity of work and the availability of materials. Sectional fence from the grid
  • Sectional fence made of wood. This method is good because, in addition to the availability of the material, it does not require special techniques like a welding machine and special skills like welding. Convenience is that in this case, the boards can be mounted in a convenient horizontal position, rather than on the weight. The appearance of the wooden sectional fence depends solely on the wishes of the master: from an ordinary fence to an exc
    lusive design. Sectional fence made of wood
  • Sectional fence of welded mesh. Here, in principle, everything is clear and without additional explanations: you need welding skills or sections will have to be ordered from the masters. This fence is stronger than the two previous ones and has no limitations on the size of the section due to its reliability. However, the erection of such a fence will require several large material costs for strong rods and, if necessary, the order of welding. Sectional fence of welded mesh
  • Forged sectional fences. Like any forging, this fence has a soul and exclusivity, but it requires rather serious material investments. Forged sections are not inferior in strength welded, but they look just amazing. Sectional Forged fence
  • Sectional fences from profiled sheet. In fact, any fence from the profiled sheet is sectional due to the nature of the material. And yet, even the standard way of mounting such a fence can be strengthened by using a welded frame from corners or a profiled pipe. Sectional fence of proflist
  • Concrete and brick sectional fences. The statement that such exist is not entirely fair. In fact, sections of such a fence can consist of any of the above material, but the supports are made of brick or concrete. However, often these columns occupy a noticeable amount of fence space, and this allows us to consider such fences in part as concrete or brick. Sectional brick fence

How to install a sectional fence in the country house with your own hands?

Installation of such a fence, in principle, is not difficult. Usually, materials are purchased in ready-made form and simply hung on supports. It is much more difficult to make sections for the fence, but nothing is impossible here either.

For greater clarity, instructions for mounting the sectional fence are placed in the videos in the adjacent tab.