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What is MDF?

MDF - properties and characteristics of

Mechanical properties of MDF in many respects exceed the natural tree in terms of operation. For example, for a break or create a bend plate, the required pressure is 15MPa. Due to this, this material often produces rounded forms for the facade. Also a big plus is the moisture resistance of the material and the ability to withstand sudden temperature changes. Upon contact with moisture, MDF does not swell.
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This is why prefabricated materials of this type are often used in kitchens. Moreover, MDF is even recommended to be used at least for the frameworks of kitchen furniture, because as a kit from a clean array can eventually lead. Hygiene and environmental friendliness of MDF is also at the highest level - such panels are simply not susceptible to the appearance of microorganisms( fungus, mold) on its surface.
As for performance, the main thing is the ability to process material with tools for wood. Such a panel can be decorated with a cut of patte

rns. Also, MDF is easily laminated or painted, as the surface is perfectly flat. By kinds of products are divided into the following:

  • Panels veneered. This species is distinguished by a veneer of the upper layer of expensive wood species. This gives him a certain appearance, virtually indistinguishable from a natural tree, with an exquisite texture and characteristic color.
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  • Plates laminated. The aesthetics are given, since PVC film is applied on the surface of the board, which is quite capable of simulating the color of natural wood, has high values ​​for repelling dust and resistance to mechanical effects.
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  • Painted plates. Painting plates is carried out by special composition, which increases the level of the surface to protect from chemical influences.

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We figured out what is MDF?What is the scope of this unique material in terms of the set of characteristics?

Application of MDF

Although the most common is the use of MDF in furniture production, the scope of the material area is much wider, namely:

  1. . Before laying a floor covering, the slabs can be used as a rough floor.
  2. Can act as the main element in the production of laminate.
  3. Decorative panels, window sills, socles.
  4. During walls finishing, for their alignment or erection of structures.
  5. For roofing roofs( private houses).
  6. In other areas, including construction.

Very popular doors from MDF, which are inexpensive, but have good performance in their characteristics. They can be executed as the main door, entrance or interroom. Easy to assemble and long serve. Also, as already mentioned, due to their properties for moisture resistance, they can be used in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
What is MDF?
Interior doors can be made of wood or plastic with MDF coating, and the entrance doors are made of metal or steel. They can be applied decorative pattern or left in their original form, it all depends on the ideas of the buyer and the style of design. What is MDF on the door - this is the same material, without the addition of chemical impurities( additional).In addition, you can do this by yourself using this material.